I'm no ordinary girl (One Direction fanfiction)

A girl named Faith is Niall Horan, the cute irish blonde boy from One Directions's cousin. She is going to visit him and his band mates. She grew to love them as she was only there for a day so far,and decided to tell the biggest secret that she has,that she is a mermaid. She is scared what there reactions will be. What will happen? Read to find out.


4. Guys,I have to tell you something...

Niall's POV:

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" I heard. "They ARE real!" and I heard a door slam. I knew immediately it was Faith. I ran in and saw Harry looking at his feet,looking sad and hurt. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" I yelled. "I told Faith Mermaids are not real." he said. "THEY FUCKING ARE DIP SHIT!" I heard Faith yell from her room. I would've laughed but Harry really hurt her. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING HAZZA! SHE HAS HER OWN BELIEFS! YOU SHOULDN'T JUDGE HER WAYS!" Louis yelled. I nodded at him. "Can you check on Faithiepoo please?" I asked. He nodded and headed to the door. He opened it and we all heard "GO AWAY HARRY!"  and a pillow flied above Louis' head. "It the Sass master,not the youngest boy of 1D who is perverted and hurt a GIRLS FEELINGS!" Louis' said looking at Harry. Louis went in and closed the door.


Louis' POV:

I went in and got in her bed and hugged her. She turned around and her makeup was smeared. "I know,I look ugly" she said. I shook my head.   "No. You're not,you don't need that shit on your face,no girl does. They look prettier without all that black shit on there faces." I said. She laughed. "Yeah?" she said. I nodded. She got up and went to her restroom and came out. She had all her makeup off. My,she was beautiful. She turned the song to an 80's song. I knew it immediately. It was "We are not Alone" by Karla Devito. It was off of "The Breakfast Club". She grabbed my hand and we started dancing wildly. Someone opened the door but we were having so much fun to care. Faith started singing with the song. "WE ARE NOT ALONE! WHEN YOU CUT DOWN TO THE BONE,WE'RE REALLY NOT SO DIFFERENT AFTER ALL! After all!". Then more people joined us. It was so fun. We finally stopped and we heard Niall's mum walk through the door. "AUNT MAURA!" Faith screamed.

Faith's POV:

"AUNT MAURA!" I screamed. I love Aunt Maura. I skipped on to her and hugged her tightly. "Did you tell them,sweetheart?" whispered Aunt Maura. She was a mermaid too but gave it up to protect Greg and Niall. "No,Aunt Mo. I will when the sun star-" "It is already setting,times a ticking" she said as she left from my embrace and sat on the couch,giving me a "Go for it" look. "Boys,I need to talk to you all,come in and sit on the couch  please." I said,more as a command. They all sat down and looked at me with such great concern.Liam had a water bottle. Great! "What's wrong,Faith Marie?" asked Niall. He only called me by my first and middle name when he knew that if I told them,it's important for them to keep there traps shut. Or something important has happened. "I have to tell you guys a secret" I said. I looked out the window. Sun is setting,clocks a ticking. "If I tell you this,you can't tell a single soul!" I nearly shouted as I took Liam's water bottle and shouted "10 SECONDS! 9" Liam looked surprised,just as the rest. "PLEASE DON'T TELL ANYONE PLEASE! 4!" "We won't" mouthed Niall. "2! 1" I shouted. I turned into water and next thing I knew I was on the ground,my turquoise tail flowed out on the floor.


Louis' POV:

"2! 1" she shouted. She turned into water and was on the floor with a tail. Wait... WITH A TAIL! All of us except for Maura screamed in terror and jumped off the couch, hiding behind it. Tears began falling freely on her face and her hand flew over her tail,and she began squeezing her hand,smoke going around the tail. She was drying her tail. She got up and ran out of the room,and out the house,and on the beach. We all got up and got outside and caught her before she jumped in the water. "What do you guys want!" she shouted,tear flowing down her face. "What do you guys want..." she broke into sobs and fell to her knees,cradling her head in her hands. "Faith..."


So,next chapter will be posted ASAP. I got "The Runaway Girl" I have to update and books on Wattpad and Quotev.

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And also I was thinking on making an Anime fan fic,that chick up there with Luffy from One Piece? Yes. I'm going to make a story my children!

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