I'm no ordinary girl (One Direction fanfiction)

A girl named Faith is Niall Horan, the cute irish blonde boy from One Directions's cousin. She is going to visit him and his band mates. She grew to love them as she was only there for a day so far,and decided to tell the biggest secret that she has,that she is a mermaid. She is scared what there reactions will be. What will happen? Read to find out.


2. Flashback/Meeting the Lads

I finally got off the plane. I was wearing my hair in a ponytail with a white bow,a flowery strapless dress,the top was white and it had a black lace parting the white and flowers. I had a cute pink jacket,and black converse. My makeup was mascara and eyeliner forming a cat eye and I had some on my waterline, blush,and a clear lip gloss. By the way,did I forget to tell you I'm irish? My mother is irish and my dad is British. I caught on to my mother's accent and my big brother Luke got my dad's accent. My mother WAS a mermaid,she met my father a long time ago and trusted him and told him her secret and showing it to him. He still loved her,and then they had a baby, which was my brother,and then had me. My brother didn't want to be a mermaid,so he gave it up when he became one. My mother had to too just to protect our family. I became one at the age of 9. I had to drop out of school and my mother home schooled me and also trained me to swim like a mermaid. Even though she wasn't one anymore,doesn't mean she couldn't swim like one. Oh,my,I miss her so much. Ever since mum died,I was nothing. I kept on swimming because it got my mind  off of things. Not only did I like to swim, I knew it would make my mum proud. Daddy was in the military,so is my brother. I decided to move,because they already moved out. That's why I'm going to live with my cousin! "FAITH!" I heard someone yell. I turned around and saw my cousin Niall. He told me when I come,to say "DAVE!" because he was kinda wearing a disguise and people couldn't see him or he would be attacked by fans. Well,not literally. I yelled "DAVE!". It was hard to,though. I see him as a Niall. He looks like a Niall. I ran to him still carrying my luggage. As I got to him,some guy took it. I thought he was stealing it,but I instantly realized it was Paul. "Thanks Paul!" I said. He nodded and went to the limo. I went to Niall and hugged him. "IT'S BEEN WAY TO LONG!" He shouted. "I know!" I said trying to keep my cool. "We have to go,people are realizing it's me!" he said and he grabbed my hand and we ran to the limo. He opened the door and offered me in. I went in quickly and realized the boys were here. "Um,hi" I said and sat by Louis. "HI!" Louis shouted excitedly. "Damn,you sound like me when I find the pixie sticks in the cabinet!" I said. "Excuse me?" Niall said. "No cussing for you!" "I'm 19? RememBER?" I asked raising my voice at the end jokingly. "REALLY? Last time I saw you.. you were.... 9. You never came over again. Why was that?"  'It's because I became a mermaid!' I thought. "AND you dropped out of school." Niall added. "You're a total BAD ASS! I tried to get me mum to drop me OUT! DIDN'T WORK!" Harry said. I laughed lightly. "So? Answer." Niall said. Wow.He really wanted to know. "Family problems. Training and stuff" Darn it! DID I REALLY JUST SAY TRAINING? "For what?" he asked. "Self Defense." that was actually true. I took self defense classes. "I think I love you" said Harry. I laughed at him. Niall stared at him and he instantly quieted down. I put up my iPod touch and grabbed my iPhone. My case said "Keep Calm and be a Mermaid". I loved it. "You believe in mermaids?" Harry asked. He started laughing. "That is the biggest load of BULLSHIT ever!" he said. He really hurt my feelings. He must've noticed because he said "Sorry". "It's ok,I guess." I mumbled. I grabbed out my iPod which had a picture of Ariel and said "Keep calm and Be a Mermaid",just like my iPhone,except it didn't have Ariel on it. I played "Make me Wanna Die" by The Pretty Reckless. I closed by eyes and leaned back.


Louis' POV:

Faith was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Harry kept flirting with her and Niall kept getting annoyed. She grabbed out her iPhone and I saw her case that said "Keep calm and Be a Mermaid.". Awe! She believed in Mermaids! I thought that was cute! "You believe in mermaids?" Harry said. He laughed. "That is the biggest load of BULLSHIT ever!". Her expression turned sad. "Sorry" he said afterwards. "It's ok,I guess" she said ever so quietly. She took out an iPod touch. She clicked on a song and leaned back and closed her eyes. I heard the song perfectly. Everyone looked at her as it blasted through her ear phones. That thing goes loud! I felt so bad for her. Her bright blue eyes were now hidden behind her lids. Her pink lips was closed. Her Auburn-Brown hair brought up in a ponytail with a bow. Did I mention her lashes that had on mascara really brought out her eyes? No. Oh. Well it did. She was amazing. She looked like a girl that was always happy but deep down inside,she was really sad. I'd love to figure out more about her. Maybe tomorrow I'll ask.

P.S Below is Ariana Grande. That's how Faith looks. :] THIS TOOK ME 2 HOURS TO MAKE!



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