Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


3. Who is he ?

-Haley's P.O.V.-

As I walked down the hall, my eyes traveled around as I could hear all the chatter, probably spreading the latest gossip about what happened to Joe and I or taking guesses for who Joe's next girlfriend would be. I just couldn't believe that he actually lied and all the words he said might've been lies.
I shook my head, adjusting my beanie as I made my way to my locker. I put my hand on the lock, biting my lip as I hoped I got my combination right. I never did. I always ended up screwing it up someway or another.  "29, 45, 20." I muttered under my breath, jiggling the handle of it since it gets stuck every now and then. A slight relief washed over me as I successful got my locker open. 

"There she is." I heard some whisper, turning around as I raised an eyebrow when I saw Mike and Trisha, the newest couple in school. "Poor girl, probably heart broken," Mike whispered, kind of loudly since I was able to make out each word he said. His arm was around her waist just like Joe's use to be. I shook my head, my head looking at the two. "You know I can hear each word you say? Don't take pity on me." I said sternly as both of their eyes widened and they took off towards their first period class.

Why was everyone treating me like this? I felt as if I was some sort of caged animal, people gathering around to get entertainment of my sorrow. Why? I looked down at my converse before turning around to start grabbing my notebooks and folders for the day. I could tell today is going to be a long day...

As I pulled out my Science folder, I heard footsteps approaching me. My smile returned to my lips as I thought it was Autumn and Ellie, but I was sadly mistaken. 

There they were. Joe and "Aly", his arm around me like the way he use to hold me. I held my notebooks and folders close to my chest, breathing out gently. I swallowed the lump in my throat, turning towards my locker, so it wouldn't seem like I was staring at them like a creeper or anything. In the corner of my eye, I saw him peck her cheek and lips every now and then and there would be times were their laughter would echo through the white painted halls. I remember when we use to be like that. My eyes grew when I saw them walking towards their first period, gulping as I continued to pull out everything I needed for today. 

Whenever they walked by me, I noticed something. The necklace I saw on the bottom of the floor of his car, the one that showed me he was cheating on me. "It all makes sense now.." I whispered, heart breaking even more. How could I be so stupid?

I pulled out everything I needed and closed my eyes, trying to calm myself down. The last thing I needed was to be walking into first period with my eyes bloodshot or that look you get before you're gonna cry? "Hey baby girl, how are you holding up?" I heard someone ask behind me, turning around on my heels to see one of my best friends, Autumn Weston. "Could be better if I didn't see the guy who just broke my heart into millions of pieces," I replied, sighing.

Autumn had this wonderful personality, always showing concern. She never failed to make someone smile! She also was very popular, but she wasn't stuck up like the cheerleaders who don't care about anything except their hair, makeup, and boyfriends. She's very down to earth, always doing stuff for the better of the community. She had beautiful brunette locks, stunning dark brown eyes, a smile that made every guy in school fall for her. Everyone said she looked like Selena Gomez too.

Autumn frowned gently, looking at me as she held her science textbook in her hand. "Just forget about him." She whispered as I just nodded. I closed my locker, holding everything I needed in my hand as I made my way down the hall with her. "Trying." I said to her. 

At that moment, I bumped into someone and gasped softly. "O-Oh my god. I'm so sorry!" I said quickly, blushing out of embarrassment. I looked up, wondering who I bumped into. This boy had the most amazing eyes. "It's fine, beautiful. I should've watched myself." He said, smiling down at me. I turned as I watched him walk away towards his class.

"Who is he?"

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