Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


2. Trying not to see him ?

-Haley's P.O.V.-

"Haley, please come out of bed," I heard my mother softly beg, obvilous wanting to make me better. I was laying on my bed, blankets over my head. "Why? Just so I can go to school and see Joe with some new chick?"

She sighed and started to peel off the blankets from my head. I groaned in defeat, slowly sitting up. My hair was slightly messy, eyes bloodshot from crying last night. I didn't even go out with Joe. When we were at that red light, I threw the necklace at him and literally got out, walking to the sidewalk. 

I should've no better and not let my fallen so hard, knowing it would all come to an end one way or another. "Sweetie, do you want me to make you a cup of tea?" 

I looked up at my mother, gently smiling. She wasn't just a mother, but she was a best friend. "Please?" I questioned, seeing her nod before rushing out of my bedroom and headed towards downstairs where she would be busy in the kitchem. Where would I be without her? She always guided me in the right direction, but it seems like my heart was doing the exact opposite. 

I looked around the room, sighing as I could see all the photos of me and Joe were taken down, some in the trash while some were just put on the ground. I was a complete wreck. I looked out the window and I could see the sun shining. I was up in my bedroom, crying for endless hours and eventually feel asleep I guess. It was 6:10 in the morning and it was Monday. Lovely. My pillow is a swimming pool. It was literally drenched with my tears of sadness and covered in smeared makeup. 
I just don't understand why Joe did what he did. He said that he loved me, but it was a complete lie. Why didn't he tell me that he thought this wasn't working out between us instead of me finding out the hard way? Yesterday, we were suppose to be celebrating our 6 month anniversary, but it's all over now. 

Back in February when we started dating, all my friends told me that I should watch out for him. They said that he was nothing but trouble and would break my heart in a few weeks. I didn't bother to listen because I happened to fallen so dumb for him. 

As my mom was downstairs making me the cup of tea, I knew I probably looked like a monster. I got up the strength to push myself off of the bed. My feet shuffled against the carpet of my bedroom, making my way to the bathroom, so I could wash my face and at least slightly decent. I was a complete wreck without Joe. He told me he was so different from the rest, but it was definitely just an illusion.

When I reached the bathroom, I looked up at my reflection. You could barely tell who I was because I looked like a raccoon with eyeliner and mascara smeared around my eyes. I lifted my hand to turn on the faucet, getting the blue towelette from the rack. I gently wetted and let the cool water hit my face, making sure all the makeup was off my face. As I finished, I put the towelette in the dirt clothes bin that had a drop that made it's way down to the basket near the laundry room. I looked up, finally being able to recognize myself.

All I can wonder is why did he break up with. Did I drive him away? I can't see myself with anyone except Joe, but the problem is that I can see him with someone else. Thoughts of him linger in my brain even though I know he isn't going to change. He's still going to be the boy who lied and played with my heart.

When news was broadcasted over Facebook that Joe and I broke up, all my friends said that I should've listen and it was time to just move on. I know that they're right, but why does it feel so wrong? I don't want to let go of all the memories of us from the beginning of our relationship, but I'm also trying to erase him from my heart. It's as if I'm still his hostage and he isn't going to let me go.

I made my way back to my bedroom, seeing how it was almost 6:45 and decided to get dressed for school. I licked my lips out of poor habit and looked through my closet. What outfit should I wear today? I smiled gently as I saw my blue ruffle skirt with a white waist band and decided to wear a simple grey shirt that reached my elbows. I put one of my favorite necklace and just brushed out my hair since it was naturally straight. I put on light makeup, only mascara and lipgloss as I heard my mother shouting from downstairs. "Haley, your cup of tea is done!" 

I put a small smile on, feeling slightly better as I knew that I would have my best friends, Autumn Weston and Ellie Chippich, would be there to get my mind off of Joe. The only time I would see him would be during gym and lunch. 

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