Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


4. Our Ex's ?

Chapter Four
-Justin's P.O.V.-
I looked down at the beautiful girl who I just bumped into her. She had dark brown hair, probably freshly dyed because Haley Rose Miller is known as the girl who is constantly changing her hair. She also had those really dark brown eyes that made my heart melt whenever she looked at me. "It's fine, beautiful. I should've watched myself." I said, saving her from embarrassment as I made my way to my english class.

As I took my seat, everyone surrounded me with thousands of questions. "Justin, what happened between you and Aly?" "Did she break up with you or did you break up with her?" "Is there someone else?" Honestly, it felt like I was a celebrity and everyone in class was like those paparazzi's that follow around celebrities in the streets of Hollywood in America. 

"Look guys, Aly just thought it would be better if we see other people. Maybe it's just meant to be." I said softly, hiding the pain in my voice as the two walked in, Joe Morella and my ex girlfriend, Aly Hill, made their way into the class room. She looked so much happier.

Some people headed over to Aly, completely shocked that Aly and Joe were now dating, but others were trying to make me feel better. I just shrugged, looking down at my desk. It was going to be a long period, I could already tell. 

The only thing that made me truly smile was that I got to talk to Haley. She's been my crush since we were in the 2nd grade

-Haley's P.OV.-

"What did he say to you?!" Ellie came up to me, raising an eyebrow as I was confused. "What are you talking about?" I asked, taking my seat at the my desk that I shared with Autumn, Ellie sitting infront of us. Who was she was talking about? "Justin Bieber. You know, one of the most popular guys in school."

I blinked a couple of times, trying to remember when I talked to him. You see, I didn't really fit into the popular group because I wasn't a cheerleader or played any school sports, but everyone in our grade knew who I was. They probably know because I'm the girl who gets straight A's or is constantly changing her hair. Maybe the reason why I wasn't very popular is because I'm nice to people while most of the cheerleaders except for Autumn are like cold-blooded creatures who only focus on themselves.

Anyways, as I thought about when I talked to the famous Bieber, my eyes grew. He was the kid I bumped into in the hallway! A slight blush covered my cheeks, running a hand through my hair and smiled gently. "He just said it was okay since I bumped him. He also called me beautiful." I said, sighing happily. Both of the girls looked at me shock.

Justin Bieber thought I was beautiful. The star of the hockey team thought I was beautiful. Why? He was dating this girl who was a cheerleader. "Maybe you could be his next girlfriend?" Ellie suggested, winking which made me laugh. "Next girlfriend? Isn't he dating someone?" I asked, raising an eyebrow and opened my notebook since Mr.Morgan usually makes us start the day by writing notes on whatever lesson we're one. Last week, it was about Abraham Lincoln. This week? Nobody knows.

Autumn shook her head, smiling wide. She knew about my crush on Justin better than anyone. We've always came up with ridiculous plots on how I could be his next girlfriend and we would be different. Autumn would always say that I was different from the other girls he dated and we would look cute together. "Well no. He broke up with his girlfriend, Aly Hill this past weekend actually." She said with a wide grin.

My eyes grew wide, remembering everything that happened this weekend with you and Joe. "It's fate trying to tell you something." Ellie giggled, always believing in true love and all that kind of stuff. I kept thinking about everything. The breakup. The necklace. The charm on the necklace. "Aly." I whispered, finally putting all the pieces together.

Joe was cheating on me with Aly Hill, Justin's ex while Aly was cheating on me with Joe Morella, my ex.

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