Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


6. Oh Boy !

Chapter Six
-Haley's P.O.V.-
I yawned, tired from the long day at school. I was hammered with questions about Joe along with the crazy assumptions from Ellie that the whole breakup with both Justin and myself was fate trying to tell us that we should date. I've got to admit, it was kind of a cute idea thinking that if Justin and I were to get together, we were two pieces of broken hearts and being put together to live a happily ever after. What as I talking about? Justin Drew Bieber was one of those most popular guys in school. I doubt he would date a girl like me.

Speaking of Justin, I wonder if he's okay. Nobody knows what happened to Justin after being dragged into the principle's office. I really hope he didn't get into serious trouble. I heard from James Monet that Joe was throwing paper balls at the back of his head during their lunch. It's really sad how they treat him so cruelly for playing a sport he truly adores.

My eyes were looking down at the sidewalk, thinking about everything Ellie and Autumn were saying. Would Justin and I look cute together? I smiled gently at the thought, knowing I might actually be happy with him, but it was only a daydream where I could live that kind of fairytale. 

As I walked down the street, heading towards my house that I shared with my mom in the center of town, I had my ear plugs in my ear. I was listening to the famous Niall Horan's cover of Stereo Hearts. He was so talented, but Justin was so much better. He just had this gift. He didn't just play hockey, he could play various types of instruments and could sing. He instantly amazed everyone that came out to see him perform on the steps of the Avon Theater every Friday night. 

I traveled down the streets of Stratford, passing the hockey rink when I recognized a familiar purple bike. I licked my lips, looking left and right before dashing across the road to see if it was him. My hand was wrapped around the handle, adjusting my beanie since it gets slightly cold in the rink sometimes. 

Once I made it fully into the rink, finding it cold than outside which made goosebumps rise on my skin. I breathed out, closing my eyes and walked towards the rink. I smiled at Ryan Butler, seeing him working behind the counter. "Hey Ry. Is he here?" I asked, biting my lip gently as he chuckled and nodded. "Oh yeah. He definitely came here after talking to Principle Phillips to knock off some steam." He explained as I bit my lipa dn slowly nodded. "Was it that bad? Was he suspended?" Slight relief washed over me as Ryan shook his head, licking his lips. Is that like a habit everyone picked up? "Oh no, Phillips took it easy on him. He just told him to go home and blow off some steam. Maybe you can go cheer him up? He always feels better whenever you're around." Ryan said, wiping down the counter top which made me blush as his words processed through my head.

I walked towards the entrance of the rink, pushing the green painted doors open and saw him there. He looked so attractive. He was wearing an Ontario Maple Leafs jersey, a pair of grey sweat pants, and a simple black beanie. I walked over to the bleachers, just taking a moment and watched him. He seemed so locked on the goal. You could definitely see the determination in his eyes. Every time he took a shot, a slight groan would slip from his lips.

He stopped for a moment, chest rising up and down rapidly as he tried to regain his breath. I smiled and stood up. This was my chance, but before I got my chance to speak, he looked over at me. "Haley?" He questioned, skating over as I instantly became nervous. Oh boy.

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