Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


5. Justin Anger

-Justin's P.O.V-
It's half way through this long, practically terrible day. Everywhere I turned, I see Joe and Aly. She's always smiling whenever he's by her side. Was she ever that happy when she was with me? I doubt it. I was at lunch currently and they were the thing everyone at the table was talking about, but my best friends, Ryan and Chaz were cheering me up.

I honestly don't live the best life, but I always make it out to seem like I'm the happiest despite everything my mom and I are facing together. Currently, my mom is working three jobs just to support us and the expenses hockey requires to let me pay each year, but she got the third job to help pay for the medical bills since my grandfather is in the hospital. He got into a car crash and is suffering from memory loss. My grandmother basically lives at the hospital, so she can keep a watch on him, but we still live in their house.

I was at lunch, just minding my own business when Joe walked up to me. "Hey there beaver." He smirked as I heard that familiar giggle. The one that use to laugh at all my jokes. I rolled my eyes, not really in the mood to get harassed by him or any of the football jocks who thought "hockey isn't a real sport" or complete outrageous things like that. The fact that Aly's giggle was kind of encouraging it too kind of hurt. I looked up at him, putting down my apple and swallowed. "What do you want?" I asked, glaring at him as I crossed my arms over my chest. "Just hear to see if you're okay. I mean, I know how bad it hurts to lose someone as perfect as Aly to a better guy. Wait. No I don't because I'm the best." He snickered, shoving my shoulder.

"Just ignore him, Justin." Ryan said softly as Joe walked away with a smirk on his lips. I sighed, shaking my head and turned back around, so I was looking at my food. "Why did Aly fall for him?" I muttered, taking a grip of my apple and squeezed it tightly since I was beyond furious at this point. "Dude! Stop squeezing the life out of that apple! You're creating apple juice!" Chaz said, making me look down and sighed. "Sorry, I just..." I trailed off, setting down the fruit and ran a hand through my hair. "I just wish I could show Joe a lesson or two." I muttered.

Both of them nodded their heads in understand, probably feeling the same way I did. All the guys on the hockey team had this strong hatred towards all the football players. It was like we were both at war with each other, always talking about one another and sending death glares. "They all are just a bunch of jerks." Chaz muttered, playing with his food with his plastic fork as I nodded in agreement.

I smiled gently. "Who cares though. They are the worst football team in the territory and we're the best." I smirked as everyone at the table laughed, taking a bite out of my pizza. This is one of the things I loved about lunch. No matter what, all my friends and team mates instantly knew how to make me feel better and forget about all the stuff that ruined my day so far. 

I watched as Chaz did his impersonation of Joe while Ryan joined in and did the coach which always brought a smile on my face. I gasped as I felt a something hit the back of my head followed by the sound of laughing. I growled, everyone at the table trying to calm me down as I practically jumped to my feet and looked over at them all. "What the actual hell?" I asked, charging over there.

"Sorry Justin, I was just trying to get your attention." Joe said innocently, all his friends laughing as his arm was around Aly. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what he actually wanted from me as I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. "Well, you got my attention. Quit wasting my time and tell me what you want." I said, seeing that devious, almost trademark smirk on Joe's lips. Oh no. "Oh just wanted to show you this." At that moment, my eyes grew and anger boiled in my blood. I watched as he pressed his lips to Aly, slowly starting to make out with her. "That's it!" i snapped, charging over as everyone was shouting at me to stop.

-Haley's P.O.V.-

I was in the middle of my Science class, smiling gently as I was writing down the groups of the Periodic Table. This stuff came so natural to me. It was like I was meant to do something with Science. "Ms.Evans!" Someone shouted, gaining everyone in the classroom's attention as we all stopped what we were doing and saw Cheyenne Kershaw standing in the doorway. "Justin and Joe are fighting!" She said out of breath, clearly tired from running down the hallway.

My eyes widened, everyone chattering as Ms.Evans ran down the hallway at full speed to break up the fight. "Joe Morella and Justin Cormier?" Someone asked behind me, turning around as I shook my head. "Can't be Cormier, he stays out of trouble. Joe always fights hockey players.." I murmured, hating to bring up Joe as my friend Lily took a seat beside me. "It has to be Justin Bieber." She said, making my eyes widened wider. Justin? Why would Joe want to beat up Justin? Justin was such a down to earth, loving boy and Joe was a complete different character, hiding his true personality to pick up girls and sadly, I was one of those girls who fell for his wicked spell.

Everyone raced out of the room and out to the hallway to see what was going on. There he was. Joe was pulling walked into the nurse's office, bloody nose with a cut in the corner of his mouth and also a black eye while Justin was being dragged by Principle Phillips to his office. What happened? 

I really don't understand the whole controversy between the hockey team and the football team. I honestly think both are great sports, but I don't think it matters which one is better of the two. Both are adored by people, but one just seems to be more successful then the other. The only explanation for all the pickering is that the football team is jealous the hockey team is getting praised for making it to the championships year after year with Justin as their captain and Joe is feeling he is doing an unsuccessful job since he's the captain of the football team.

I smiled gently at Justin, watching him smile gently back towards me as Principle Phillips closed his door. "Get back to class!" Ms.Evans shouted to everyone gathered outside, sighing as I shook my head. I hope Justin doesn't get into any trouble or anything. Joe must have done something sinister that made Justin anger. 

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