Nialls Child

Niall and Vanessa have a kid named Stacey. in this fanfiction you will learn about Vanessas teen pregnancy and how Niall worked w/ it on tours and such. with auntie Perrie and all the larry drama , all aboard the s.s. crazy tour bus. ;3 ... i
***authors note*** this is my first fanfic so it might be a little weird


3. the publicity rumors

i was now in a COMMMITED relationship with Vanessa. And all these rumors saying it was just for publicity. Seeing her cry made me want to cry but i had to stop these rumors now. i tweeted "VANESSA IS PREGNANT! WITH A CHILD! IM GOING TO BE A DAD IN 9 MONTHS!!!!! #IMACRAZYMOFOINBED!!!!!"  so i did what i had to do. Get her pregnant. it was such a good time of sex and everything. I was starting to get hate mail like "what 17 year old gets pregnant?" "seriously? @Niall_official whats your problem? your 17" . it was to late she was pregnant AND NO ABORTION! 

** 9 months later**

We had a little girl named stacey. she was about the same age as our stylist Lou Teasdales daughter Lux.  They played together a LOT ! 


i was going on tour soon and I couldnt stand to be away from Stacey for that long. and they guys said i could bring her on tour. now just to get Vanessa to let me 

"please babe"

"will you take good care of her?"


"how long do you microwave the bottle for?

"10 seconds"

she kissed my fore head "ok" 


**day of tour takeoff** 

zayn had currently starded dating a girl named perrie. Lux and Stacey had gotten reallly attached to her

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