Nialls Child

Niall and Vanessa have a kid named Stacey. in this fanfiction you will learn about Vanessas teen pregnancy and how Niall worked w/ it on tours and such. with auntie Perrie and all the larry drama , all aboard the s.s. crazy tour bus. ;3 ... i
***authors note*** this is my first fanfic so it might be a little weird


2. the first date.

**2 days later** **Nialls Pov**

i decided to text Vanessa

"hey -niall"

"oh hi"

"so what are you doing later today?"


"wanna go walk the pier?"


"sounds like a date be there at 7"

"k bye xx"

yes i did it. First date.  I dressed casually. A white t shirt , with a San Francisco snapback , not to tight jeans like my mate Harry , and some jordans. 

**7 o clock**

i picked up Vanessa and learned alot about her. For one she cuts. and gets bullied at school. and that phtographers love her face. (well idk the papz kept taking pics) We were at the pier and i won a few stuffed animals for her and got her some cotton candy which is her favorite food. we shared a few laughs and when i dropped her off home i kissed her. it was a MaJoR step forward. but i risked it.


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