Nialls Child

Niall and Vanessa have a kid named Stacey. in this fanfiction you will learn about Vanessas teen pregnancy and how Niall worked w/ it on tours and such. with auntie Perrie and all the larry drama , all aboard the s.s. crazy tour bus. ;3 ... i
***authors note*** this is my first fanfic so it might be a little weird


6. sadly the last chapther i might make a part 2

as we got home I hugged vanessa and we were finally together again i missed her so much! so did stacey :3 larry is now married now and zayn and perrie have a child and liam is currently single but talking to this one girl karina. THE END

*****authors note****** ok so this was my first fanfic but i want to make a Niall rated yellow one. idk yet but for now i leave you this :3 part 2 coming SOON! Maybe.

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