Nialls Child

Niall and Vanessa have a kid named Stacey. in this fanfiction you will learn about Vanessas teen pregnancy and how Niall worked w/ it on tours and such. with auntie Perrie and all the larry drama , all aboard the s.s. crazy tour bus. ;3 ... i
***authors note*** this is my first fanfic so it might be a little weird


1. Niall and Vanessa meet

**nialls pov**

It was a Tuesday morning and I was walking to Starbucks. When all of a sudden it started to rain. Crap. The retarded weather man FINALLY got one forecast right. -.- I walked into some restaurant called "Le Simpleton". A beautiful waitress said 

"May i take your... OMG YOU NI..."

"Yes i know Niall Horan. im wearing this disguise so people wont mob me."

"Ok. table for...?"

"1" what could i say i wanted to see this waitress more. Maybe flirt a lil. She sat me at a table far from the other customers. Yes! She had the most beautiful voice i had ever heard.

"Hello. My name is Vanessa. ill be your waitress this evening." she was so cute. 


It was a just a regualar day at work when all of a sudden a guy wearing a black hoodie with baggy jeans and converse came in. He was so familiar looking till i heard his voice. It was Niall HORAN. Ive took many trivia things on magazines and i was PERFECT for Niall. He was always the cute one for me. But i was at work so i had to act proffesional. Once i took his order , gave it to the chef , i walked back to Niall because i was his waiter and idk most waiters check up on them

"so hows everything ?"


"need anything?"

"uhm yea."

"what is it?"

"your number " then he winked at me. I squeeled a little and he chuckled.

"ill bring that with your order"


i wrote my number on the back of a buisness card and brought it to him with his food. 

**Nialls Pov**

i just got her number. YEE BRUH! I was so happy. Her American accent was so cute. after i left i told her id call her later then winked

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