Danger, a short story, featuring Grace...

She was on a boat. And because of an unexpected storm, she is now on an island. No rescue has come. No way of communication was available. But Grace is still willing to continue and not give up hope of going home. For this, she has to survive. However, there are dangers that the island holds, and they are lurking, ready to pounce and attack. And kill.


1. ...In The Seas (Prologue)

A big storm: bad! The deafening air was whistling loudly, pushing from left to the right. The ferocious waves were slapping the surface of the sea. Everybody tried to do something – think of something – but it was hopeless. The storm was just too strong for us!


Then I noticed something – something bad: in the darkness, the waves grew and grew. The boat was tossed around like a ball. Vicious winds were even stronger than when it first started to blow. I began to panic – fear was overwhelming and just before I could turn around and run to safety, I was suddenly washed away by an enormous wave.


I panicked – thrashing my arms and legs in the wild, empty sea. I couldn’t calm myself down, couldn’t let me think and concentrate on swimming to the surface. I tried to think of a peaceful and favourable memory, and I did. I began to calm down. My mind began to work properly again. I started to swim up to the surface and there, my head popped out and air filled my lungs. But before I knew it, I was under water again; an even bigger wave smacked my face.


Then darkness…

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