~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


2. WOW


I was late for class . god that teacher's gonna kill me sorry MR.Fits right then I saw Justin the school bully he came towards me ... omg . omg . omg what if Edward finds out ! he can't get in trouble again. i felt a sharp pain in my stomach I some how made it to the floor and got one last  hit right in the eye . he left with a smirked on his face , some day , Marcel you'll change your wardrobe and use your boxing skills. But, mum taught me better and Edward already protects me .  ..


i walked in knowing eyes would be all up on me . "hi Mr.Styles nice of u to join us take a seat" . thank god he didn't notice my eye . i turned and saw her someone so beautiful she was sitting down next to Edward and an empty seat behind Edward . yes ! maybe she will be my best friend . maybe she would be my first friend . I made my way to the seat until the she devil herself Britt made a joke . "look at ugly ass Marcel u a pussy " god she so cruel .i finally made it to my desk and stayed quiet . knowing no one would take to me 

S: hi my names Selena nice to meet you Marcel 

holy ! shit ! she talked to me ! man ! Marcel potty mouth ~

E: hey Marcel 

M: hi Edward . 

E: look at me don't do stupid shit ! 

my god he's gonna see the black eye I was trying to hide. 

E: listen here u little fucker let me see your  face ! 

I turned slowly like how the dentist chair brings u up . 

E: who did this what happened ! 

M: nothing i umm fridge . 

E: don't bull with me 

oh no ! Edward got up ........ and well he shouted " WHO THE FUCK TOUCHED MARCEL ! HUH! ? "  the whole room went silent until Justin decided to speak . " WHO WANTS TO TOUCH HIM HES DIRT AND UGLY AND STUPID AND I CAN GO ON" oh that smirk on his face just kills me . 

" LISTEN HERE JUSTIN DOPE . I'M GONNA ASK YOU TO SAY SORRY" Edward cooled down alittle " NO FUCKING THANK YOU. BITE ME" oh no ! Edward was already on him throwing so many punches . finally Mr. Fitz speaks -.- " STYLES OUTSIDE NOW" I walked out and so did Edward . i heard a small tiny voice "may I use the restroom ? " 



s: omg, are u okay ? 

e: fuck off meat 

s: well sorry for being nice, how do u feel Marcel ?

m : your actually talking to me ? 

s: why wouldn't I 

m : i'm the school nerd geek with a strong brother . 

s: hey ! just because your smart doesn't mean anything your  not a geek or a nerd . 

e: well while u comfort him i'll be on the field . 

s: wanna ditch ? 

m: yea . iv'e had enough for one day . i know i just met you but can i ask for your help ? 

s: sure your my friend :) my first friend 

god she makes me blush ! 

m: umm well 

s; spill it ! 

m: help change my wardrobe ? 

s: wow ! sure ! make over ! yay ! 

god . she's my crush . I I wow ............................... >-<

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