~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


34. Sabrina?

So like i said i updated. Sorry if it sucks 


~Selena's POV~

We walked quietly and Edward reached into his pocket to reveal his hand gun. I reached into my pocket and got mine out as well. 

We looked at each other and nodded as we walked closer.

As I walked looking around I remember all the memories. The good ones and bad ones.

We finally reached the door and both Edward and I put our ears on the door, to see if we can hear anything. 

"Are you kidding me?! What the hell! Do you want me to kill you!", we heard. It was obviously Niall.

Edward grabbed the door knob and opened the door with all his might. Sabrina was on the chair with her eyes blindfolded. Her hands and feet tied to the chair. She had a cloth in her mouth preventing her from making noise.

She was crying, but stopped once we entered. She then started crying even more. Edward saw her and I could tell he wanted to help her but he needed to take care of Niall first. 

Niall looked at us with pleasure.

"Well You finally came", he had that evil smirk of his. 

I rolled my eyes. Edward walked closer to Sabrina.

"Nuh-huh", Niall said pointing his gun at Edward stopping him. 

Edward gets his gun and points at Niall as well.

Then I point my gun at Niall. 

Sabrina still doesn't know it's us. She's still crying and terrified. 

"Just let her go.", Edward said. Niall shook his head. 

Sabrina was obviously happy to hear Edward's voice and wanted to say something, but all you could hear were muffled noises since she had a cloth over her mouth.

 Niall heard her and turned around to tell her to shut up. Edward took this as a chance.

 He used his gun to hit Niall in the stomach making him fall to the ground and clutching his stomach in pain. Niall dropped the gun and Edward went for it. Niall was still on the ground. He yelped in pain. Edward pointed the gun at Niall. 

Still hurt ,Niall looked up squinting his eyes. 

Edward looked at me and said, "Help her!"

I nodded and ran towards Sabrina. "It's okay Sabrina, Don't cry"

She nodded. I reached in my other pocket until I was able to get my pocket knife out. I cut the ropes and untied the cloth and blindfold. Once Sabrina was free she got up and hugged me tight. 

Edward was still looking at her. A smile came across his face once he saw she was okay. 

He ran to her and gave her a big long hug. I was so touched by the sight. Maybe I was wrong about Edward. Maybe he truly does love her. 

I smiled. Then I felt something bring me to the ground. I let out a scream. It hurt. I shut my eyes and was  in pain. Niall had thrown me to the ground and got  my gun. I opened my eyes and say Niall pointing at me with the gun and at Edward back and forth. 

"Drop the gun! Or I will kill her!", Niall yelled at Edward. Edward dropped the guns he was left unarmed. "NO!", I told Edward but it was too late, Niall already had them. 

I was on the ground. Niall bent down and pulled my hair. He whispered in my ear, "You know I would never kill you". My eyes grew wide knowing what he was going to do. I looked at Sabrina she was on the opposite side of Edward. Big Mistake. Niall pointed his gun at her. "NO! No! Don't do it Niall!", I screamed. 

"If you want we could get back together! Anything you want but please No!", I begged. He looked at me and smirked. "Anything?"

I nodded. "Sound tempting but I already have a girlfriend", he said as he shrugged his shoulders. 

I was pretty shocked. "Wait! What? Then why did you go through all this? Wasn't it so I could get back with you?", I asked confused. 

I sat up.


Niall shook his head. "No I wanted revenge which is different. I still love you but I thought thsi would be funner." I looked at him disbelief. He sighed and once again pointed his gun at Sabrina. He was ready to shoot when Edward pushed Sabrina and stood in her place. Niall was obviously enjoying this and said, "Okay fine then you die!".



After that everything became slow motion. Niall was going to pull the trigger when Sabrina got in front of Edward and the last thing I heard from her was, "Edward I love you". 

Niall looked shocked. I was in complete shock I couldn't move. Sabrina fell to the ground and Edward went for her. He started crying like crazy. She lay there in his arms motionless. 'How could she do that? No! NO! NO!', I hear my self yell. I feel tears coming non-stop, but I still couldn't move. Edward was still crying with Sabrina on his arms when Niall came towards me.

He bent down till he was eye level with me. He looks at me sympathetically and kisses my lips. I still couldn't  move. He grabs my hand and actually looks decent for once. Like back in the day when we were going out. Before he went to jail when I was absolutely in love with him. Do I still have feelings for him?

He says, 'I'm sorry for ever hurting you. I didn't mean to. I really didn't. Believe me. I'm sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me. I promise I won't ever hurt you.' I finally snap out of it and start crying in my hands. Niall lifts my chin up and cleans some tears away.  He looks in my eyes and I stare into his beautiful ocean blue eyes. I just get lost. He kisses me one more time and it was a soft, light, sweet kiss. He gets up and looks down to me, smiles and walks away. My head follows him until he walks out the room and out of sight. Maybe I do love him? Maybe he really does love me? But what do I do know? He's gone. Gone. 

I get up and run towards the door and run out. Nothing. He's gone. Will I ever see him again? What if I don't. Did I just realize I love him? No. But he's the bad guy. He killed Eric. He hurt Harry and he killed Sabrina. He can't be the one. No He can't. He just can't!

I fall to the ground now crying harder than ever. Realizing I just lost the two things I loved the most...



Okay so here it is. Again I'm sorry for not updating sooner I just didn't know what to write. So if you want to be co-author go to the last chapter and answer the questions. Sorry about last time we asked for a co-author. We decided otherwise, but now we do need one. We get really busy and since school started we found it harder to update often. And the main Author has been having problems with her computer so she hasn't been able to update and I have had volleyball practice and writers block,  but I think everything will get better from now on. Tell us what you think. 

Thanks :) Love you guys!


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