~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


9. Marcel, how could you!?


We walk to his house and I finally asked him, "Why were you there?". He looks at me and says, "I could ask you the same thing". I sighed. I honestly did not want to explain my past to him.

We finally got to his house and he opened the door for me.

There in the living room sitting on the couch was looking worried was Marcel and Harry. They jumped to their surprise. At first I could tell they didn't know what to say. I mean not even I knew what to say. I mean I went home with Edward after being gone the whole day yesterday and not even spending the night at my house. .-. Marcel looked pissed.


Harry and me were sitting on the couch. I was still worried about Selena and now Edward was gone.

Suddenly the door opened and to my surprise it was Selena... with Edward?! My face suddenly flushed with anger. She opened her mouth about to say something but I decided to go away. Why would she come home with Edward? "Marcel!", I heard Harry and Selena say, but I continued walking to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. FUCK. ~Excuse my potty mouth~


As I stared at the empty space Marcel left Harry was about to say something when Edward interrupted. "She needs a place to stay, don't ask just let her stay". Harry sighed and walked me to what seemed to be his room. "You could stay in my room", he smiled and grabbed some shorts and a T-shirt and gave it to me. I assumed I was suppose to change into this and nap. He left and closed the door behind him and I walked to his bathroom and changed. I really wanted to talk to Marcel but I was too tired. I laid on the bed and slept. I woke up and clearly it was noon, the sun was high in the sky. I got up and walked to the living room and only found Harry. He looked up and smiled. I sat on the other end of the couch and watched Family Guy with him.  The show ended and I asked him, "Where is Marcel and Edward". He turned his head to me and said, "Edward went I don't know where and Marcel went to the Library". We heard a knock on the door," I'll get it!", I said. "I opened it too find Ramy who was a hoe and head cheerleader. She looked at me in  disgust. Opened the door fully looked at my clothes and stared at Harry. Hehe :p. I knew what she was thinking. I tried not to smile. "May I help you?", I said trying to block her from entering. "Marcel?", she said looking disgusted and pointing at Harry. She didn't know that was Harry and not Marcel, which made it even better. Harry looked confused and said, "I'm no-", but was cut off by Ramy.

"How could you do this to me?", she looked hurt. "Didn't any of that meant anything to you?", what is she talking about? I had a bad feeling about what she was about to say next. Harry looked puzzled. "Okay! Okay! so after you had sex with me you decide to leave me for some hoe!". My mouth dropped.


 Sex?! What is she talking about. I was shocked. So was Harry.

"Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!", she was yelling and on the verge of tears. She pushed me and slapped Harry who still didn't know what was going on. She stormed out sobbing got in her car, slammed the door and drove off. I was still standing there shocked.

I was on the verge of tears. I guess Harry finally caught up and walked towards m trying to comfort me. I didn't let him I walked out the door and ran all the way to my house.



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