~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


7. i'm fucked!


I froze. I could feel my heart racing in fear. I took a step back. He just had this evil smirk on his face.

"What's wrong beautiful? Not happy to see me?", He took a step forward. I took one backward.

"Niall?", I managed to say.

*  *  *

 He just kept smiling. "What? How? I mean how did you get out of jail.", I asked suspiciously and once again took a step back. He was hiding something behind his back which made me take like 5 more steps and made him come forward with every step. "Well, I got out", he said. "How?", I asked. I looked around the hall see if anybody could help, nobody was there. -.-

 He just smiled and came closer to the point where I can hear his breathing. I tried to pushing him but he wouldn't budge. I tried yelling, "Hel-", He covered my mouth with a towel or something that smelled like rubbing alcohol and whispered, "You're coming with me". Then everything went black.


I didn't see Selena in 2nd period nor in 3rd. Was she sick again? It was lunch and I decided to look for her. I even called her like 10 times, but no answer. I even asked Sabrina and nothing. Did something happen? Was she mad at me? Wait, Why would she be mad at me? Only if she found out what I had done. I guess Harry saw me panicking and said, "Hey what's wrong?" "Well I can't find Selena and she won't answer my nor her sister's calls, and I'm starting to panic". "Selena? Well I saw her talking to this blond dude in the hall during 1st period.". "A guy?", I fell jealousy all over. "Then?", I asked. "Well I don't know I walked before I saw anything else.", he said.


I finally came back to the real world. Though everything was black. I tried to touch my face and found out my hands were tied. FUCK. FUCK. I guess I was sitting in a chair cause I tried squirming and fell to the floor with chair and everything. Motherfucker, that hurt. I heard footsteps and laughter and I felt someone put me back up. I was officially fucked.

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