~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


28. Hello Harold


we where there at subways since we couldn't choose anything at all between the two restaurants . I decided on this becaus Harry's healing and he needs healthy food . "Sel babe come on hurry up !! I already payed for the things"marcels voiced echoed threw the half emptied subway . As we made our way to the car I couldn't help but think  about the worlds dumbest threathing note ever . So if I go and join the gang marcel Harry Ed and I are I guess u can say are safe but if I don't we're all fucked . I don't know what to do yet . God Selena you never have back up planes "we're here" his voice distracted me from my thoughts . I pushed the proshe door open grabbing the subway soup combo ( guys I like that combo do u ? )  


we walked to the lady in the front desk . "Styles" marcel stated . She smirked winking at him ignoring my existence . Excuse me hoe I have a gun in my pocket wink one more time I swear I'll be the first to shoot you . "Oh yes he's been move babe . Room 314 " she stated twirling a piece of hair she had . "Thank you" I shouted loudly . HOE .  We walked till what seemed like for ever until I saw the sign . We popped open to see that Harry was packet and ready to go . "Come on styles we have places to be " I saw as Harry smirked and marcel sat there eating away . 

"Not so fast babe " his voiced echoed threw the big room . 


a/n what do u think sorry it's not capitalized it's being updated on my Phone from my friends house who Is DARA . Lol thought u should know her name . Better now ? 


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