~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


6. friday


a/n the last chapter never existed . sorry ! My cousin updated for me since i was at dance class .-. super sorry please forgive me :( 

i woke up to utter silence .. mmh ! who what when and where is she . taking my lifeless body to the bathroom . finally today's Friday . no more drama for 2 day yes ! i waited as the water flowed threw the now half full tub . 


the outfit i chose since this is just like the feeling i have in my soul at the moment -.- god . i walked into the closet to sit in our make up desk and well applied the usual . eyeliner,mascara.blush and lipstick . 


i walked into so many people calling my name . most of them i didn't even know . i felt a warm hand wrapped around my waist . i was gonna do a sucker punch to the face until i heard his soft angel voice "hello princess where were you yesterday" his raspy voice ran down my spin making me tingle . "i felt sick so i just went home . " was all i had to say "well i missed u and umm ...... yea" i could see he was hiding something . after that convo we had he walked away , WOW . 

e: hey hot stuff aren't you looking perfect today . 

ew . do i look like a wanna be 25 cent slut to u ? u little dick . 

s: hi, um i have to go sorry . 

i walked away only to get death glares from some cheer leading perks . i needed sweet escape there was only one place that took my worries away . music room . since i had free period 1st period . making my way threw the crowd until i felt a pair of fake nails grab me into the girls locker room . Sabrina . wow 

sab: stay away from Marcel the cheer girls want him . sorry sis to tell you this but um . well your popular now ! which is good but , you can get u know kicked to the curve if u well . umm yea . just step of Marcel and hes back 

did she just say he's back . who's he ? and why did she have such a worried look on her face ? i walked it of and before i knew it I was stopped dead in my tracks . FUCK FUCK FUCK ! GUN ! SOMETHING ! KNIFE ! BLADE ! CAKE ? gah . 


a/n i just want to say thank you for reading the story and who is it ? mmhh  guessing game ? lol ! thank you for reading ! super sorry about the whole other chapter thing . 


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