~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


12. fine you


i was in the library reading a book about love until i felt a vibration in my pocket . digging in my pockets I found it was a text from harry . :have you seen Selena or Edward ?: hmm . where is she is she hurt ! no my baby ! why . wait . no . i don't need that hoe . she can die . for all i care .  plus it was almost time for school who gives a fuck about that 2 timing slut . 


"here drink " his thick accent echoed threw the room . and can i just say his ass is amazing , i mean damn ! "Sel i know your checking my ass out . i mean i can't blame you but drink the medicine" Louis said . I would know that sass anywhere . "what does the medicine do ?" i asked staring at the red substance in the red cup . that's never good . "well miss question's it's medicine since you know a snake bit you." he replied almost sad , "oh thank you" without thinking i took a big GULP of the substance . and soon everything was blurry . Selena . why did u listen to the sass master ! ... " Sel everything will be a little blurry for 5 minutes or so mmk k " he said walking out of the door leaving me with nothing but blobs .


everything was fine . functioning perfectly and my eye sight finally regained it's self , "ah babe your awake !" his deep Irish voice said. 

S: why am i here ? i left like you wanted ! i moved i tried and hide ! i forgot about the life we had and what do you do ? you drag me back into the hell hole ! 

N: CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A GOOD 2 MINUTES ! DAMN !!! , after i got out of jail i came looking for you it's been years but then i remember that you don't forget the past so as you can see i ended here wifey 

S: don't call me that you never loved me ! you left me alone ! !! and made me be a gang runaway!  N: let me explain ! i wasn't mad at you . i took my anger out on you ! because you where the only girl there that would love me and i said everything out of confusion ! that's why iv'e been searching for you ! the past times ! 

i could tell he wasn't lying . soon his blue eyes turned gray, drops of tears fell from his eyes . 

"I LOVE YOU " before i could even reply his warm plumped lips touched mine , my heart jumped and the butterflies started up again . welcome come back butterflies . 

"well you should get ready for school. because i'm ready . " he said smiling , " what do you mean school its sunday right " i asked staring straight into his eyes . "no it's Monday morning 8:20 to be exact , " with that he left . great !!!!! school ! 2nd period with Marcel HAPPY FUCKING DOODLE DO ! 


i walked out to some claps and whistle . "why thank you! " i said cocky like bowing "welcome back to the gang ." Liam said handing me my old gun . why am i doing this to my self . what ever . "good to be back buys . " i said pulling the gun out of Liam's hand and putting it in my pocket that's what we all did . "ride or die " i turn to see lou . oh god ! " can we just go to school people Zayn asked almost annoyed . 


we walked in like the bad asses we are , i felt like i was in one of those mean girl moment when everything's in slow motion . Edward came to my side whispering something to me and went back to his position . everyone went their own direction either to class or to their lockers . "hay there ms. Gang " his breath was running threw my vain . "how do you know harry ? " i asked almost socking him right in the jaw . all he said was "i'm one " and kept walking . i shook it of and made my way to second period . 


i walked to my normal seat only to see Ramy taking it . Great ! i walked up to her and told her "Ramy, can i explain?" "sure why not " "when you went you yelled at harry . not Marcel and i'm sorry i was at their house . we where going to help me change my look that's all i swear ." okay so maybe a small lie wouldn't kill anyone . "oh i'm sorry then and Marcel is mine okay " she said smiling her brown eyes turned to pitch black , is she trying to make me pull my gun out ? "yes ma'ma " i said she smirked and soon came Marcel ! HOW FUCKING GREAT 2 PUSSIES IN THE BACK ROUND MAKING OUT . 


a/n : hi ! long time no see ! just kidding thanks for reading and WE hope you enjoy the story ! 



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