~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


8. damn !


he kept coming closer and closer and closer okay think S look around the room , okay . piss stain, blood and what is that ? is that a body ? suddenly i felt a cold hand come in contact with my face. you know what hoe . if i find a knife i will shank the shit outta your Irish ass ! soon a pair of warm lips came in contact with my lips . fuck you wall for being in my way ! ! "alright we have to be serious now . wheres the gang . " he asked almost lifeless "i don't know , i quiet remember ! u dip shit" and soon a hard slap went across my face . 

n: don't talk to me like that and what do you mean you left the gang you can't leave the gang without being killed don't lie to me sel. i was your love remember . 

his stupid smirk makes everything horrible ! gah ! 

s: do you not see was the live of my life until. you decided that i wasn't good enough to be with you so you threw me away like some stupid slut , 

i could see the pain in his eyes . 

n: we will try this later stay here don't go any where here 

he handed me a water bottle and without another word he left . oh great do it again why don't you!

i hopped my way to the lifeless body on the floor . only to see the emerald green eye's i love . with only one word that came to my mind "Marcel" soon i saw it wasn't Marcel due to the quiff hair and a tattoo wait a minute ! EDWARD ! 

e: fresh meat what are you doing here ?     

s: stop calling me fresh meat and second . give me your blade in your back pocket , i'm not stupid . he nodded handing me the blade and soon i was free. we walked out of the big unknown room to see 2 of his gang members smirking at me alright bitches wanna play . lets go . 

guy 1 : alright so the bitch knows how to escape from chain props to you 

soon a knife was thrown at us . ed dodged it . i slid down the cold hard wood floor kicking the second guy and pulling his gun out of his pocket . yes ! pick pocket skill's comes in handy . *BOOM* one down . i turned my head to the guy begging for his life so i just pressure pointed him " he's gonna wake up soon ed lets go" 

we walked out onto the bright light street to see it was already 7:30 a.m and everything was dark . great . "So do you want to come sleep at my house its closer " i said trying to break the awkward silence that filled the air . "Sure, thanks " was all he said on our way home we went .

a/n ! yay! the other triplets are in the story ! sorry they weren't in it before lol ! i was trying something , THANK YOU FOR READING ! LOVE YOU GUYS !xx 

#TAYA !. 




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