~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


27. 27

~Selena's POV~

So I woke up with the sound of my phone when I get a text message. It was about 1:00 AM. I unlocked my phone and boy was it bright a'f. My eyes were hurting. Before I went to see the message I went to my settings to set the brightness down. After my eyes felt better I went to check my messages.

To: Selena(;

From: Unknown

You better watch out, Actions come with consequences and your actions sure do have lots of consequences... just sayin' (;

your gonna regret that you ever left...

What the freak?! What kind of a message is this?! It wasn't even intense. Whoever sent this got no idea on how to scare the shit out of people.

I quickly got up.

Consequences my ass!

Who send it? Well it says unknown so no idea who the freak sent this piece of shit!

I get up and lock all the doors and windows. I kept my gun underneath my pillow, just to be on the safe side. I fell asleep for like another 10 hours. I woke up too see it was 11:54. I quickly got up. Fuck. I have school today!! I sat up and got in the shower. I did my usual, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc. Then I put my hear in a side French braid. I put my backpack on and headed towards the door. Then I realized something. It was Saturday!!! Crap. My hand hit my forehead to my stupidness. I lazily walked back inside. I felt so stupid. I walked towards the kitchen and ate cereal. Then I walked to Sabrina's room. I opened the door and saw that she was sleeping. I skipped waking her up. She looked tired. So I got on my laptop. I checked my Twitter. Nothing interesting really. Just a bunch "Follow me and I'll follow back".

I got on Tumblr and saw some funny pics with captions and just started laughing like an idiot when I heard Marcel. "Selena?", he said looking at me weird. I smiled and got up to hug him as he kissed me lightly on my cheek. I smiled and looked at his green eyes. I looked at his beautiful eyes for like 5 minutes when he finally got me out of my trance. He cleared his throat and sat on the chair. He motioned me to sit next to him.

"Okay so today Harry gets out", he says. I nod. "Let's go pick him up then maybe we could go to Nandos or KFC. I nodded. it sounded alright.

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