~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


1. first day back


GOSH. today we are going to a new school um i think its called Montie high , Sabrina was still asleep sometimes i wish we weren't twin she has blond hair and i have dyed pink violet  i know why would i not want a twin , Sabrina's usually your popular one and i'm the one in the back round in case something happens mainly i stay in the music room the perfect place for my get away music is something that can always distract me . let me get ready now! first day to impress the school. Things are going to change . 

outfit I wore ,

now it's time to wake Sabrina 


someone was tapping on my shoulder I knew what that ment . within seconds i was out of bed and in the bathroom . after I applied my make up brush my teeth and curled my hair i took my clothes that i picked out since yesterday ( i like to be prepare) 

see to keep my popular streak i had to look cute innocent and still have a sexy face on . 



we went threw the door and within a nano second people kept quite and looked at us . we walked to the office and was given our planner. Yes ! i had free period time to go to the music room 

sabrina: see u sis ! i'm off to the cheerleader . 

selena : i will be at the music room 

with that i took of . without thinking i bumped into someone and all he said was "watch it fresh meat" soon he was out of sight and i ran into the music room . as i reached i saw no one i pulled my music sheet out and saw the piano . I haven't played it in the longest since my parents died , my hand gently swayed side to sigh , *sighs* its time selena . 

my hands touch the first string ( c string) and everything flowed out of me like a river . soon my voice took over . 

"oh sweet melody won't u come and sit with me the worlds a cruel place i'm here for u hunny don't u cry . I know i'm gone i'll be back tomorrow oh my sweet little melody . i will stay by your side threw it all . miles away or just a far no matter where u are i'm here, sweet little melody play ur strings for me i can hear it from where i am and i like the little sounds . ohh sweet melody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet little melody , I will stay by you . 

" you have a lovely voice " who the fuck was that ! i turned around to see beautiful green orbs staring at me . "hi i'm harry ." 

s: hi ! umm sorry i have to go to class . my names selena by the way . 

h: well nice to meet u and i hope i can see you around .

i ran to class and bumped into someone my god selena pull your shit together ! 

s: sorry .. 

e: my name's Edward fresh meat and your lucky your new . or your fucked stay away from me ! got it ? 

s: yea 

god he looked so familiar who is he ... i ran to my locker and grabbed my physics book. 

                       ~IN CLASS 1 ~

I sat in the back , way back then i saw her a beautiful girl ! god .. i'm so ugly . "hi i'm Rachel' wow she was talking to me hello good luck me . the rest of the class was a blur i was just talking to Rachel 

UNTIL ..........................

A/N HI! NEW NOVEL ! HOPE U LIKE IT ! SORRY ABOUT THE CAPTION AND BAD SPELLING ! ANYWAYS .................................................. 



RUGS <3 ^.^  

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