definitely not preppy!

Hi I'm the sister of a certain famous cheeky british lad. if your thinking about prince harry your wrong. but if you immediately squealed and did a little dance then you know im talking about harry, harry styles from world famous band *drum roll please* ONE DIRECTION! ahhh now ive started thinking about niall turning around to look at the camera and saying that <3 *cough um well now this is awkward anyway. One thing you should know about me.My family contains some of the best and most skilled set of spys there is. so, yes im a spy. your probably wondering what about harry? well he didn't want to be one, don't ask me why I have no idea but I made sure he didn't have too you see if I did the extra training they wanted and became more invested in being a spy. hary can do whatever he wants and still be protected, and im glad. but I gotta get ready cause he will be here soon.


11. ~The File~

     I woke up to the sunlight shining through my curtains. I let out a loud yawn and climbed out of bed.I have so much to do today! Read the file, go hang out with Louis, and thats all I can think about right now. Ok I thought it was a busy day but I guess its average. Well to get ready for the day I'm wearing my Harry potter sweatshirt, denim skinny jeans and beat up combat boots.My hair is pulled up in a messy bun, my nerd glasses on, and mascara applied. I went back into my closet and pushed the clothes back to the keypad. I entered my password which made a little door open up containing a safe, I entered that code and retrieved the files. It is way too much work for a simple case. Anyway I opened the file on my desk; pulled out the papers, plugged in the flash drive, seperate the pictures etc. So I'm disguising myself as a fan of 'the wanted' i have to change my hair up a bit and dress slutty. Let's see here oh god, the band is in trouble I have to protect them because someone (who works for them) is trying to kill them. So the band is informed that they have a spy coming to help them and they're signing confidentiality papers and everything. But down to the fun stuff. They think one of the bodyguards is planning to harm them, and his "partners in crime" are normally very keen in showing their body. Well they have identified a girl that they know is working with this man. I have to kill her, pretend to be here, figure out what this guys deal is and stop it. Also I need to slap the bald guys face. 

           "LOOOOOUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIS," since I've finished reading the case I can hangout with Louis. I grabbed the essentials wallet, cell phone, car keys,9mms pistol, lipstick and stuck them in my bag as I jogged downstairs. "LOOOOUUI--" my sentence was cut short because someone *cough, louis* had to go and throw a bloody pillow at me. "Oi, I was talking you nutter!" Louis smirked at me before opening his mouth. "No. No you weren't love you were screaming." I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed before running up and tackling me onto the floor. He sat on top of me and started tickling me so much that I was crying. "Loo----uuiii-ss, get off!" He stop tickling me for a moment "and why should I do that?" "Cause we're supposed to hangout today?" He pondered on that for a moment before standing up dusting himself off (very theatrically might I add) before helping me up."Why thank you good sir" I said with an fake tip of the hat. "You're very welcome my lady" he said bowing. "Ok Louis go and get out of that ridiculous onesie and into some normal clothes please." He flipped me the bird before retreating to his room.I rolled my eyes and I waited him to get ready. I heard my little leprechaun approaching and I pretended not to notice and continued to scroll through my Twitter newsfeed. I felt his arms wrap around my stomach with his head resting on my shoulder. "I missed you last night. I didn't get to wrap my arms around you and protect you from the monsters."he whispered in my ear. I smilied and turned in his arms to face him. He slid his hands in my back pockets and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He brought his face to mine and closed the gap between us. Our tongues dances together within our mouths. I slid my hands into his gorgeous blonde hair. And he picked me up and set me on the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer, and his hands started traveling within my shirt. " Don't mind me. Just a passer by that is supposed to be leaving now. And also may I remind you i could have been a certain curly haired lad" Niall smiled and rested his forehead against mine.he kissed me softly on the lips and stood up to pick me up off the countertop. "Thanks lou!," I said tossing him my car keys "I'll be there in one minute tops." He put on his red jack wills hoodie and sassily rolled his eyes as he sauntered out of the house. I gave Niall a hug and started to leave but he pulled me back for a second and started kissing my neck, he made his way up to my lips and gave me long sweet kiss. "Ok baby, have fun tonight with Louis." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. I wrapped a grey scarf around my hair, and put on my pair of white sunglasses that cover half my face.                            "Okay lou, " I said climbing into my camaro, "where to?"              {I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED, AND I KNOW THIS CHAPTER IS SHORT, I JUST DONT HAVE A COMPUTER, I APOLOGIZE :*( BUT ANYWAY I HAVE EVERYTHING PLANNED I WANT THIS TO BE A LONG STORY AND HOPEFULLY ILL START WRITING ON A NORMAL PACE SOON.                  BYE FOR NOW! LOVE YOU!♡ MUAH
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