definitely not preppy!

Hi I'm the sister of a certain famous cheeky british lad. if your thinking about prince harry your wrong. but if you immediately squealed and did a little dance then you know im talking about harry, harry styles from world famous band *drum roll please* ONE DIRECTION! ahhh now ive started thinking about niall turning around to look at the camera and saying that <3 *cough um well now this is awkward anyway. One thing you should know about me.My family contains some of the best and most skilled set of spys there is. so, yes im a spy. your probably wondering what about harry? well he didn't want to be one, don't ask me why I have no idea but I made sure he didn't have too you see if I did the extra training they wanted and became more invested in being a spy. hary can do whatever he wants and still be protected, and im glad. but I gotta get ready cause he will be here soon.



Victoria's p.o.v              

       We pulled up to mine and harry's flat and everyone piled out of the car and in the house. Niall and myself were the last out of the car so we just sortta stood there awkwardly. It looked as if he wanted to say something but he changed his mind and just stroked my cheek with his hand. "Victoria your so beautiful" well this is awkward. "thanks? " I mean I did like niall, but that was unexpected. "GUYS!" louis yelled. "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" "OK LOUIS" I shouted. "Please let me keep my hearing." Niall chuckled and we walked inside. The boy's were already seated with a bottle ready. Niall laced our fingers together and we sat down beside each other. "ME FIRST!" Louis declared he spun the bottle and it landed on harry. "Truth or dare?" "dare."Louis rubbed his hands together. "hmmm, strip to your boxers and run outside screaming I LOVE KITTENS!" harry stripped down and ran outside. i hope the paps werent around cause there probaly having a field day. harry ran back in " no one buy a magizine tomorrow" he said. we all laughed as he left the room to go change . I must of jinxed him with the paps.


         Niall's p.o.v

       It was zayn's turn , he spun the bottle and it landed on Victoria. "Vicky, Truth or Dare?" "um, dare" she replied back to him. A small smile played on his lips as he looked up at me." I dare you to sit on Louis lap" "That's not so hard"she said. she crawled over and sat in his lap. "Lou!"she screamed as she sat in his lap. "Victor!" he screamed back. I never understand why he chose to call her that. But that's louis. It was now liam's turn and it landed on me. I chose truth and everyone sighed. "do you have a little crush on someone in this room?" I felt my neck flush. I looked down at the floor and was at a loss of words. I looked back at zayn to answer and i noticed Victoria anxiously waiting for an answer. "maybe" I said but they knew the answer. She blushed and hid behind her hair.Louis put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

         "SHE'S MINE. IV'E CLAIMED HER FOR MY SLAVE FOREVER." Victoria giggled and layed her head on his shoulder. "hazza hurry up in there its your turn" louis shouted. "Don't skip me!" Harry shouted returning from the restroom. He jumped in between me and Liam and spun the bottle which landed on Zayn. "Dare" Zayn said before Harry had the chance to ask. "Ok, I dare you to grab the strawberry tart from the top shelf and make love to it for 30 seconds." "fine" zayn smirked as he got up and walked to the fridge. He pulled out the tart and made out with it. 30 seconds later everyone looked disgusted. "That was weird" Victoria said. Zayn ran to her with his strawberry covered mouth and kissed her cheek. "Ew" she stated. I grabbed a napkin as the boys retreated to the living room and wiped it off her face. "Thanks" she blushed. We walked back in the room, she sat on louis lap and i took my original spot. Since it was my turn i spun the bottle and it landed on Zayn. "truth or dare?" "truth" Everyone sighed in response. "Is it true you have a secret man crush on Justin timberlake?" "yes, it is definitely true." It was Victoria's turn now. She spun the bottle and it landed on louis."Truth o--" he put his finger to her lips and whisper-yelled" DARE" " Ok then, I dare you to put an ice cube in your pants and dance until it melts or falls out." she said. "Louis left and came back shortly with an ice cube and stuck it down his pants. He then started doing the chicken dance until the ice melted leaving a water stain on the front of his pants. Louis sat down and took his turn. He spun the bottle and it landed right back on Victoria. "Truth or Dare?" "Dare" she said confidently " I dare you to go skinny dipping in the pool, now" she stood up shaking and made her way to the door."ok" she slid open the back door and walked into the black night towards the pool. we turned around facing the house so she could undress and after a few minutes we heard a splash. we turned around as she glared at louis. Harry laid a towel near her clothes and we walked inside so she could dress out there.Once she came back in we decided it was time to go to bed. "where will everyone be sleeping?" i asked victoria. she turned to look at me. 

  " we have 5 bedrooms one is my personal work room, my bedroom, harry old bedroom and 2 spares. one of the spares is covered with junk so,. Harry can sleep in his old room with louis. Zayn and Liam you guys can share the spare and Niall can sleep with me. Tomorrow we will clean out the other spare. ok?" Sure" we all replied. We all walked to the rooms she told us to go. I layed on the floor while she took a quick shower. "Niall?" "yes?" "get up off the floor and in the bed your my guest and you wont lie on the ground. "what will harry do if he sees us in the morning?" I asked "we will be up before him and what he doesn't know won't hurt him" she retorted. I layed down too tired to argue and she snuggled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and we both fell asleep.







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