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Hi I'm the sister of a certain famous cheeky british lad. if your thinking about prince harry your wrong. but if you immediately squealed and did a little dance then you know im talking about harry, harry styles from world famous band *drum roll please* ONE DIRECTION! ahhh now ive started thinking about niall turning around to look at the camera and saying that <3 *cough um well now this is awkward anyway. One thing you should know about me.My family contains some of the best and most skilled set of spys there is. so, yes im a spy. your probably wondering what about harry? well he didn't want to be one, don't ask me why I have no idea but I made sure he didn't have too you see if I did the extra training they wanted and became more invested in being a spy. hary can do whatever he wants and still be protected, and im glad. but I gotta get ready cause he will be here soon.


7. hehe, explanation time huh?

Victorias p.o.v



     Once harry pulled down our street and el's flat came into view, I noticed the front door was kicked in. Without a second thought I opended the car door and army rolled out of the moving vehicle. Harry slammed on brakes as I ran to the house. As I was closer to the door I noticed el on the floor knocked out.I froze. Oh god where is perrie? danielle? the boys? I've got to get in there. I ran Inside and saw some huge man sitting on somone.Omg it was perrie. I was running towards them as I shouted "get your mother@#$£en hands off her you dick!"I lunged for his neck and wrapped my legs around his neck. I heard harry pull in the driveway and i saw perrie start to stand up. I knew if i didn't kill this man now, he would come back and I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. And with that I snapped the mans neck. Kill first ask question's later right? I jumped up and perrie started walking towards me but just passed out in my arms. I gently laid her dow next to el, as harry came in. "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT? YOU DON'T JUMP OUT OF A MOVING VEHICLE. WHATS WRONG WITH THE GIRLS ?" I waited for Harry to start taking in his surroundings and realize that something happened. When he spoke again he was frantic."wh-wg, hu--gh asghjf?"I sighed. "Harry the girls are find they're just unconscious, that man must of been one of laryks men, Yes he is dead" I waited for the information to sink in, he acts like he has never seen a dead body and he used to do this stuff too. "umm, victor?" he said after looking around the room. "where are the boys?"





          shit shit shit. "I have no clue." I said as I bit my bottom lip, and stood up. why didn't ek and perrie go to the safe room? safe room? ahhhhh safe room! "harry el has a safe room they have to be in there, grab el and I will grab perrie." he followed my instructions and picked el as I grabbed perrie and we walked down the hall to the safe room. I opened the door and saw the boys and dani just starring at us. We set the girls down and I grabbed a med kit, that always stay in the aafe room, and started treating their wounds. Once I was done I turned around to everyone. They were shocked, confused, angry, a lot of different emotions. 


       "um, how was the weather this evening?"I ask to try and break the awkward silence. they all looked at me and Louis spoke up, "what the hell just happened how can you all fight like that? and dont fucking say 'karate'cause i know thats another damn lie"he sniffled and zayn spoke up "yeah and you just killed someone, we saw" I looked up at zayn I tried to say something but nothing came out. "what the fuck is going on?" I had to explain, they couldn't be left in the dark. Before i could speak perrie started waking up and so did el. They took in what was going on and they looked horrified, they weren't mad about the previous fight, they were just scared the boys wouldn't want anything to do with us anymore. I looked at the girls and they nodded. I sighed in defeat.I looked at my brother who hasn't said a word this whole time. "Harry go deal with the body please? while I explain everything. " I then looked at the boys as harry left the room. "we will tell you everything and answer all your question's, if you hear us out ok?" " sure just f@#$ing tell used" Liam shouting that told me this would be a long night. "You may want to sit down for this." They sat down and waited for an explanation. "Um well, I will start from the very beginning I guess" "please do"louis said obviously pissed off at us. 

                          " well me and my family are, spys same with el and perrie. it sounds weird I know but just listen." I organized my thoughts and began again. "every since I was little I have been training, and going on missions, and learning about being a spy. what to do what not to , how to fight, how to hide a body, how to interogate, and lots more. I was raised to do it so I continued it, it is very hard to get out of it. They can easily fake your death you see well harry hated it and wanted so desperately to get out and pursue other goals but the boss wouldn't let him,--" "who is the boss"lou asked. 

            "um, he assigns us our missions and chooses our punishments if we piss him off or do something wrong, anyways I made a deal with him. I signed a 5yr contract in exchange for harrys freedom and protection." niall spoke up this time. "what did the contract say?" " well it was said I would work for him for 5yrs of course I had to double work lots of training, more missions, and whatever he tells me to do." I bite back my tears so I Don't seem weak. "well he assured me harrys safety and protection. when he joined the band. I added an extra year to my contract for your protection" I said as I looked at the boys. "He agreed and decided to send me on a trickier mission then I was used too. so he gave some files on a man named laryk. This man was a carnivorous rapist. so I had to wear really exposing closing and went to this bar that he was known to be at. Once I had his attention I walked out of the bar and got in my car. He of course got in his car followed me but that was the plan. well I drove to this little cabin and went inside, he followed me in and slammed the front door open I started acting scared so he wouldn't know I was after him. But he pinned me against the wall and started taking my clothes off so I kicked him where the sun don't shine and jumped over his head so that I was behind him. I put my hands under his arms and threw him across the room. He realized I was a spy shortly after."




laryk picked himself up off the ground and wiped the excess blood off his chin. "you work for THEM dont you?" he asked me. I narrowed my eyes at him and he just laughed. I scoffed at his behavior. "I don't have to tell you a damn thing." I stood up confidently and he laughed more. "what the fuck is so funny that you want to laugh your ass off right now?" He assumed I didn't hear the man walking up behind me but I did, oh I did. Laryk started walking towards me and stopped when he was right in front of me breathing in my face. "I'm sorry for what has to happen to you doll, but remember I had good intentions." as he said this the footsteps stopped right behind me and I heard someone swing their arms back so I ducked down. 



      "GODDAMMIT CHUCK YOU HIT ME. THE WRONG PERSON YOU DUMBASS."Laryk was pinching his broken nose trying to top the bleeding. The chuck dude stood there holding the frying pan that he tried to hit me with. I grabbed the switch blade out of my pocket and jabbed it up chucks d--- lets just say he won't be having any children anytime soon. While chuck started screaming I turned my atteintion on laryk, and out of the cornernof my eye i saw chuck jump out of a window and run away screaming. Before I could do anything I got a burning feeling on my left thigh. I yelped out I pain as o tried to get laryk teeth away from skin. "BASTARD" I screamed when he removed his teeth, he grabbed my arms and tied them up to the leg of the couch. Don't ask me where he got the rope cause I have no f-ing clue. He spread my legs and started inserting his fingers into me. I kicked at him but he just tightened his grip.He moved his finers and placed his mouth there instead.I started screaming and, he sat up instantly and stuck his tounge down my throat to shut me up. Laryk stood up and started unbuttoning his jeans. Wrong move. I lifted myself bringing the couch with me and used my leg to kick the couch up so the rope wouldn't be attached to the chair leg. My hands were still tied but I was up off the ground, I kneed him in the crotch before he could try anything. He winced but ignored thebpain and walked towards me. he reached out and I jumped over him and landed in the kitchen. He starting running towards me but stopped when we heard commotion outside, and sirens.

       "GOD DAMMIT THE POLICE."He yelled before running towards the open window. Right before he left he turned and looked at me. "I WILL get you bitch" And with that he jumped out of the window right as the cops broke the door down. One of the lady cops walked in and took one look around before pointing a gun at me. I thought of about 39 ways I could get rid of them right then but the boss would find out and he would be furious. 

-----*******end of fb


"needless to say I was arrested and the agency had to pull a lot of strings to get me out and to get them to not release the story. they obliged and I was left with the boss. He beat me, broke a few of my fingers and carved the word obedience into my thigh next to the bite mark. I hadn't heard from laryk untill 2 yrs later when I wasni the car with harry and he called me saying I shouldn't of left you all alone and stuff. I messaged the girls and well you know the rest." 




    The boys between one another untill louis looked up at el with tears in his eyes. "El I love you," he paused and el looked up at him with a tear stained face as well before she spoke "but, " Louis sighed "but, I think we should break up for now, you never told me this--" "louis it is not there place to tell lou they would be severely punished for telling you unless you stumbled upon it." I looked up at harry who had walked in at the endnof my explanation. "but still, perrie I was thinking the same thing. Perrie and El nod their heads. I was angry though since the boys just broke them, yeah we never told them but they didn't need to know. "HOW DARE YOU GUYS JUST BREAK UP WITH THEM JUST CAUSE THEY'RE SPYS. PERRIE ISN'T EVEN A SPY ANY MORE, SHE GOT OUT.I UNDERSTAND YOUR ANGRY BUT REALLY, DANI TOOK IT BETTER THAN THIS!" 


      perrie stood up and grabbed my shoulders to pull me back before I accidently said something I'd regret later. "Victoria, you all lied to us it isn't our faults, necessarily.Its your faults for even staying in the business." harrys eyes widened and so did the girls at louis remark. " This is why I don't date. they always make sure that they know everything thats going on. AND I STAYED IN THE AGENCY TO PROTECT MY BROTHER AND YOU GUYS. PAUL, PRESTON, ANDY, ALL PROTECT YOU CAUSE OF ME, EVEN LOU. AND LETS NOT FORGET WHO JUST SAVED YOUR LIVES? WE DIDN'T EVEN GET A THANK YOU." I took a deep breath and lowered my voice. "I hope you boys know I am top-notch like basically I'm a celebrity but spy-wise im requested all the time for numerous missions. even though my boss is a dick I sure as hell get good pay, and respect from people who know of me. Mothers tell their spy kids story's about me to put tbem to bed at night. Cause I am a mother f-ing boss." Everyone was staring at me wide eyed. uh I have to get out of here. "I'm gonna go and blow off some steam." I said as I went to grab my leatger jacket and my car keys. "Where are you going?" "harry if I wanted you guys to know I would of told you, but love you bye." I walked outside to my car that was parked next to harrys. I climbed into my all black camaro and drove off.

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