definitely not preppy!

Hi I'm the sister of a certain famous cheeky british lad. if your thinking about prince harry your wrong. but if you immediately squealed and did a little dance then you know im talking about harry, harry styles from world famous band *drum roll please* ONE DIRECTION! ahhh now ive started thinking about niall turning around to look at the camera and saying that <3 *cough um well now this is awkward anyway. One thing you should know about me.My family contains some of the best and most skilled set of spys there is. so, yes im a spy. your probably wondering what about harry? well he didn't want to be one, don't ask me why I have no idea but I made sure he didn't have too you see if I did the extra training they wanted and became more invested in being a spy. hary can do whatever he wants and still be protected, and im glad. but I gotta get ready cause he will be here soon.


9. curiosity killed the cat

"It has come to my attention that you've come into contact with laryk, am I correct?" Robin said clenching his hands together and standing up from his desk. You see robin is fine at his job because no one is super crazed when thy see our step father. Mine and harry s that is. I cleared my throat before answering "uh, yes sir. you are correct sir."

 "oh, that's funny cause I remember telling you to CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY IF YOU GET ANYTHING!!!" he threw a chair across the room for emphasis. I tried very hard not to giggle cause when he gets angry this neck vein pops out and like, dances and stuff."yes sir, I know but --" "there are NO excuses, report first, save your friends later." how could he say that? that's ridiculous. "how can you give me a rule like that? Their safety is my top prio--" *slap*slap* I put my hand up to my cheek trying to soothe where robin slapped me. I gritted my teeth together thinking of a million and one ways to kill him right now.Three reasons I can't kill him cause you see I would, but our company would go under without a leader, I could care less but some people make a living being a spy. On another note other agencies would put me on the top of their hit list. Being who I am gives me security and the boys security(you know their bodyguards). Also he is hiding crucial information I need to find 'him'. " Now do as I say. alright?" "yes sir." I said with annoyance obvious in my voice. 

      "I want you to go undercover for me, basically a new mission." ah a new mission I love my job I just don't like my stupid boss, or a.k.a my step dad, -_-. Any ways what is my job? I'm so excited! "ahhhhh, yeah , ohhhhhhh what it is? do I get to dress up?" he looked at me and chuckled. Robin is a dick most the time but there are worse when it comes to the spy life and he's in a shockingly good mood today. 

    "well, have you heard of a band called the wanted? " oh god I hate them. they basically insulted my best bud, Louis on television at 'their' interview. urg anyways he has my attention, muahahahahaha revenge is sweet. "um, yeah pretty sure I know who that is, its like a man band right?" he gave me a weird look before answering. "yeah sure, a man-band. well you need to pretend to be a fan, so dress,"- he looked at what i was wearing-" er, younger,um better, anyway act girly and somewhat slutty cause I need you to get someones attention OK?"

Oh this will be fun."yes sir, anything else?" he thought about it before deciding against it and sliding me a tan folder. "everything you need to know about the case is in there. It also informs you how to act,dress,smile, who to kill who to kiss ya-ta ya-ta." "thanks very much sir, I won't let you down." "yeah yeah you know where the disguise room and weapon room are so you can do that yourself also the concert tickets, meet &greet passes and your monthly schedule will be sent to your house. got it?" omg yeeeeeeeesssssss. "yes sir" 

        I saluted him and waited for the order so I could leave. "that will be all zero" I nodded and waited to be zapped back home, cause I have to go get ready for everything and study up on my mission. oh yeah they call me zero cause that's how many times I've failed my missions. naw i'm joking, I mean I haven't failed ever except for the laryk mission. But zero is my code name cause that's my rank 0 being the highest authority in my work 10 being rookie.negative 1 to negative 10 (-1) to (-10) is how our bosses are ranked. I'm the only living girl that is ranked zero, so far anyway. They were either dead, m.i.a, or they had the option to quit. zrrrrrrrrrrr. Here we go. zrrrrrŕrrrrrpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I opened my eye's and smelt, apple's? hmm I got transported into the kitchen that's weird it must be malfunctioning again it always does something weird. The guys, and girls were sitting at the dinner table eating apple pie. why aren't they looking at the girl who just got zapped here? "hey guys, I haven't seen you in like an hour and your just gonna ignore me?" there heads jerked up and looked in my direction and they all started scream/crying sort of. louis got on his knees and screamed at the sky, "why would you take Vicky? she was too young to die" what.the.fudge.


        "im not dead idiots the atrium beam must not be working correctly so you can only hear and not see me. its just malfunctioning. Harry, or one of the girls please go and fix the A-4 box." Harry stood up and looked in the direction of my voice. "I thought you were dead for a second. i'm so stupid. But I literally just finished explaining EVERYTHING to them and they were asking me about the risk of you dying and then you don't come home for two days, and do your freaky ghost shit and we all just-" he laughed then sniffled . aw they were really worried, about me how sweet.I hate it when the transport takes away days like that. I walked over and hugged each of them individually. "I feel like a ghost is hugging me" perrie whispered. I laughed and then we were all laughing. "anyways guys if you want to know what happened go fix me." Danielle ran downstairs to make it where you could see me again, I've taught her well.They better remind me to upgrade my atrium stuff to the x-5, cause those ones play music. To think just the other morning I killed a man (which is'nt uncommon for 'me' but they were freaking out.) and then I get turned invisible, ha this is actually a pretty regular week for me though. I wonder what else could happen. 'zing' oh look i'm in physical form now, yay. Every one let out a sigh of relief and came in for a group hug. I took in the happy moment as Danielle ran up and joined us. "I'm glad all that's over" liam said somewhere behind me. 



             'diiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng dooooooooooonnnnnnng' the doorbell broke us out of our hug as we wearily eyed the door. "li, you spoke too soon." el said as I made my way to pick through the eye hole. I was fine with it I mean its just a doorbell. Everyone else looked like Satan himself was outside with a box of bombs or something. I rolled my eyes and looked out the little peek thing, Only to see that someone was holding their finger to it. I hate it when that happens. uuuuuhhhh this means I have to open it to find out who is at the door and I really want to know. I looked over at them and shrugged my shoulders. Their eyes grew wider and they were ready to protest but it was too late cause I opened the door. Well they say curiosity killed the cat right? I might as well test that theory. 




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