definitely not preppy!

Hi I'm the sister of a certain famous cheeky british lad. if your thinking about prince harry your wrong. but if you immediately squealed and did a little dance then you know im talking about harry, harry styles from world famous band *drum roll please* ONE DIRECTION! ahhh now ive started thinking about niall turning around to look at the camera and saying that <3 *cough um well now this is awkward anyway. One thing you should know about me.My family contains some of the best and most skilled set of spys there is. so, yes im a spy. your probably wondering what about harry? well he didn't want to be one, don't ask me why I have no idea but I made sure he didn't have too you see if I did the extra training they wanted and became more invested in being a spy. hary can do whatever he wants and still be protected, and im glad. but I gotta get ready cause he will be here soon.


2. 20 questions and a waitress

Victoria's p.o.v: 

      "so, anything planned?" i asked harry. "hmm'" he replied. "well, i was thinking we go out to nando's" "sure" the rest of the boy's said in unison. I grabbed my phone and bag off the counter and we all went to nando's.         



When we were walking to our seat's in Nando's our waitress came glaring at me."well, this'll be fun." i said rolling my eye's. "so, Victoria, how old are you?" Niall asks me as we got seated. Niall and Harry sat on either side of me.Louis sat on Harrys other side,Zayn sat next to Niall and liam. "im, 18. hey everyone let's get to know each other while we wait for the waitress. we'll play 20 question's. "alright ," zayn started. " Have you ever been in love?" i bit my lip. i have once, but the inexcusable thing's he did to me, made me fall out of it i guess. "umm, once." i said holding back tears. Harry was there when it happened and put his arm around my shoulder, to comfort me. "Sorry for bringing it up love." it's fine zayn." i retorted. "so, wheres your favorite place to eat?" Niall asked me. i looked up into his bright blue eyes as i answered. "well," i smiled "it's Nando's actually."  

"This is my favorite too!" Niall said excitedly. "My turn"louis sing-songed. "Have you ever been skinny dipping?"he asks. "Umm, no" he look's up at me and smiles mischievously. liam spoke up." to make this quicker, what are your favorites of everything?" this was gonna take awhile. " animal is a white tiger. Movie umm, the notebook. color, is teal and aquamarine. Book is of course the lucky series is harry potter. Song- hmm, im yours by Jason Mraz." i listed several other thing's until the food came. Everyone dug in like cannibal's.                      

NIALL'S P.O.V                    

       We liked the same restaurant. This was destiny.     


          When we finished eating we started for the van. Victoria started walking out when the waitress yanked vickys arm so that she was facing her. she whispered something we couldn't hear and then went to slap vicky. everything changed in an instant one second vickys bout to get hit and the next thing i know the waitress is on the floor with victoria scowling at her. "next time don't try something so stupid" vicky said. I glared at the waitress before i left."bitch" i said under my breath. I let Victoria sit on my lap for the ride since there weren't enouhh seats. she layed her head on my shoulder and my breath caught "i hope you lads didn't tip her" victoria said. we all laughed and then louis asked "victor where on earth did you learn how to do that? " "and what did she say to you? zayn asked concerned. Zayn is  tottaly gonna be like an overprotective brother to her like harry.





erg. I realy wanted to avoid that question lou thanks.!? quick vicky make something up, your good at it. I looked up harrys schocked face, I wonder if knows why im still with my line ofwork? he wants me to get out but he doesn't know the only reason he is out is cause I work hard to keep him safe, but anyway, everyone's looking at me anxiously waiting, "um I took karate last summer" I said smoothly. they just nodded their heads excepting the answer. harry just smirked. "and what did that girl say?" zayn pressed on again. pfff oh her, god. "um she was just like," I cleared my throat and made my voice real high and sounded all stuck up and snobby. " here goes 'You better stay away from my boys our I will make you regret the day you were born' then I chuckled so she tried to hit me and well we saw how that escalated." I laughed. The boys nodded but looked at me with gloomy faces. "guys im fine, I can take care of myself trust me."


      Harry's p.o.v    

       I have this feeling niall is trying to get with vic. I mean the way he acts around her you can just tell. Im sure she can handle herself, shes 18, but Everyone already knows she's been through enough. They don't know what happened but i told them minor details. it's my job as her brother to protect her. I love vicky to pieces and I'm scared another boy will hurt her again or anyone for that matter considering shes a spy. I know damn well shes way better at protecting herself then I could, but the lads can't know that. shes not allowed to tell anyone but family.well unless that person acidently finds out and you have to explain right then I guess. luckily I got out of it since I got in one direction. hopefully the same thing will happen with her.





















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