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Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college. He’s popular, outgoing, and always willing to help anyone in need. Harry Styles is an introverted sophomore who receives constant harassment and bullying because of who he is. He doesn’t fit in, he’s shy, has no friends, and no real family to confide in; the fact that he’s gay doesn’t help matters. He’s just a blip on everyone’s radar, floating by, but a punching bag to those who loved reminding him how much of a loser he really was. When Harry was hospitalized months before for a suicide attempt, Louis was assigned to him through the Big Brother program. Will Louis be able to help Harry? Will Harry be able to let Louis in?

A/N: This is my fist fic. I give it a trigger warning because it deals with self harm and suicide attempts and thoughts… there is no actual death


8. I will protect you

 “Ugh, Mum please! I don’t feel good” Harry whined as Anne tried to wake him up the next morning for school.

                “Fine! Whatever! If you are too sick to go to school don’t think you will leave this room for one second.” It was a good thing that Harry’s eyes were red and puffy from crying last night or maybe Anne would have caught on that he was lying.

Harry really didn’t care that he was going to be confined to his room, he was used to it anyway. He just didn’t want to have to go to school and face Louis and Zack after yesterday. Louis was probably mad t him and Zack more in likely had some kind new punch or kick he wanted to try out on his favorite punching bag.  Harry just wanted to lie in bed all day.

He waited until Anne had left for work before he got out of bed. He didn’t want to just sulk all day, because that is when the monsters like to invite themselves into his head. He went downstairs to make some breakfast. He needed some energy to come up with a plan. He knew he didn’t want to quit cutting himself. It was the only thing that seemed to help him. He just needed a plan to keep it from his mum. He didn’t want to go back to the dreaded hospital.

Harry made him some eggs and toast, sat down and thought.

I don’t want to go back there. It was hell. But at the same time I don’t want my escape taken from me either. What if I just change the location? I just won’t do my arms and wrist anymore. I can’t do my legs either. Nor my stomach. There is always my hips and thighs. It needs to be in a spot where I can basically be in my boxers without it being seen. That could work. It has to work. It’s my only option.

A smile swept across Harry’s face. He was proud of himself. He found a full proof plan. He hurriedly finished his breakfast and went to shower. He knew today would be a start of something new, something different. He still would be hiding but other’s peoples mine would be at ease. He might finally stop hurting people.

Just minutes after Harry got out of the shower there was a knock on the front door. Harry slipped on a pair of boxers and opened the door.


“Hey mate.”

“Umm, why are you here?”

“Miss. Teasdale told me you weren’t at school so I had to come check up on you.”

“Oh. Well, you can come in if you like.”

Louis obliged stepping into the foyer. He noticed that Harry was only his boxers and turned a shade of red. He thought Harry looked beautiful with his skin still glistening from the water and his hair soaking wet.

“So, are you okay?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, I am fine. Just umm didn’t feel well this morning” Harry lied. He didn’t want Louis to know that he really didn’t want to see him. But he was standing right in front of him, looking as beautiful as ever and he couldn’t resist spending time with him.

“We can go into the living room and watching a movie or something.”

Louis nodded as Harry led him into the living room sitting on the sofa. Louis sat next to him only centimeters away.

“So, umm what do you want to watch?” Harry was getting nervous realizing how close that Louis was. He was started to think that maybe he had a crush on Louis. Who was he kidding he had a little crush.

“I like anything so I really don’t care.”

“I have been really wanting to watch Evil Dead. Is that okay?”

Louis nodded. “Yeah that should be ok, I really don’t like horrors but im sure it will be fine. I just might get a little scared.”

Harry laughed. “I will be here to protect you if need be.” Did I really just say that? Oh my God, I am gonna scare him away. He is gonna think I am creepy. Why did I just say that?

Louis let out a little giggle and a smile as Harry put in the DVD and sits back down next to Louis.

About thirty minutes into the movie Harry and Louis had seemed to get physically closer. Harry screamed and jumped when something pops out in the movie.

Louis pulled him in close so that Harry’s head is resting on Louis’s chest. He laughs. “I thought I was gonna be the one that needed protecting.”

Harry couldn’t help but turn a shade of red. He couldn’t even believe that he was practically in Louis’s arms, the boy that he just mentally admitted to having a crush on.

Throughout the whole movie, Louis kept his arms around Harry, and Harry kept his head to Louis’s chest. Harry jumps a few more times throughout the movie, each time Louis holding him tighter. The final time that Harry jumped Louis grabbed a hold of Harry’s wrist to pull him in tighter to give him a better since of security. But Harry pulled away quickly, jumping up to his feet. SHIT! I forgot to put my bracelets back on.

“Shit, mate I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, just instinct.”

Harry just stood there, the smile that he once had on his face gone. His expression was blank as the thoughts came racing into his mind.

Shit, what if he saw? What if he felt them? He is gonna think I am crazy. He is never gonna wanna hang out with me again .He is gonna abandon me like everyone else. God, I am such a screw up. Every time something goes right, I screw it up one way or another.

“Mate? Harry? Haz?” Louis waves his hand in front of Harry’s face trying to get his attention.

Harry shook his head and threw his arms up in frustration. That’s when Louis saw it, saw them. Louis grabbed Harry’s arm and kissed each of the ten marks on his arm.

“It’s okay Haz, I will protect you.”

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