Didnt Mean It

9.4% of high school student's are in a domestic relationship. Yasmin was beautiful and very intellegent but she was with Tyler who was a little bit of a hot head.


2. pick up and party

 After i got out the shower i straightened my hair  did my make up and put on my dress and hills then i put my ID,phone,and Leigha's extra Id in my purse. be cause knowing her she'll forget so i gotta be her back up. right after i got done packing all her stuff i heard a ring at my door it was leigha. i grabbed my stuff and we get in the car and i started texting Tyler and she took my phone.

Leigha:your not gonna worry about or talk to him because you left me for that loser so your gonna spend some time with me, damn it {laugh}

me:o.k lets go

~~~~~~30 min ltr~~~~~~~~~

we live in New york city so we see alot of celebirtes and this is were they go to get away from fans and papparazzie  so there was lots there once we where inside my friend oreo told me she spotted Zayn he's one of our friend's along with the rest of Onedirection  then she told me she saw Austin Mahone and she was going over there to chill with him so im super excited then she stops me and tells me not to fan girl so had to keep my cool.

Orianna: hey austin this is my best friends Yasmin and Leigh-Anne

Austin:nice to meet you \

me: the pleasure is all mine

when i said that leigha and orianna shot me a look.


~~~~~~~~~~two hours later

me:Leigha you've had to much to drink let's get you home.


Leigha:no id don't wanna ruin your fun with you celeberty crush you know i mean he's all you talk about.

me:{blush} umm yah lets get you home. Austin it was really great to meet you we should talk another time.

Austin:yah of course let me give you my number 416-546-9598

me:o.k ill txt you


I grabbed my phone from Leigha's purse be cause she was knocked out in the back seat i took her home and left a note saying i have her car along with asprin and some water after i left her place i went to Tyler's house and suprisingly he was a wake as soon as i get to the door and call out his name i get welcomed by being slammed against the door and kissed very aggresivly  and   i had to break away because it kinda hurt

me:tyler whats wrong with you whats gotten into you ?

Tyler:you havent been returning my call's and ive texted you a few times .

me: im sorry i didnt have my phone.

all of a sudden we were kissing and everything went dark.

~~~next day~~~



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