Didnt Mean It

9.4% of high school student's are in a domestic relationship. Yasmin was beautiful and very intellegent but she was with Tyler who was a little bit of a hot head.


1. chapter 1

 My name is Yasmine and my best friend/ sister's name is Leigh-Anne I'm a sweet girl i love to volunteer. i love too help people. Lately i haven't been hanging out with my bestfriend because i've been spending most of my time with my boyfriend Tyler he's a really smart guy and he's kinda buff  and hes sweet, but lately he's been like really aggresive but he doesn't hurt me so it doesnt bother me. when i met him he was sweet and innocent now hes angry and bitter.     RING!RING!RING!RING!


Leigh-Anne:hey,what are you doing?

me:nothing just chilling at the apartment

Leigh-Anne I wanna goto this party and your coming with me

Me:i have to talk to Tyler we were gonna do something later

Leigh-Anne: cant you just like blow him off this one time?

me:yah i guess just this once.

Leigh-Anne: yah let me know what that thing says

Me:{laugh} o.k




hey babe can we do something another day?


to Yasmin

from Tyler

what the fuck i thought we mad plans and today is the only day i have avalible because i have to work.


To:Tyler thanks babe dont be mad imma be with Leigh-Anne



wat evr i have to go


to Leigh-Anne

he said yah but he sounded a little pissed-off so yah you owe me big time.



o.k pick you up at eight

to Leigh-Anne alright


after hanging up with Leigha{ thats her nick name} I when to my wardrobe  I i picked out a red knee high dress and some black red bottom heels ond a black clutch purse then got in the shower n turned on Austin mahone besides my boyfirend he's who im in love with.


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