My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


6. Stay right here



   "Crucial amount of blood loss."

   Crucial amount of blood loss.

   Crucial amount of blood loss.


    I groaned, throwing my arm to my side as it hit thin air. I heard the voices disappear as I slowly turned onto my back.

   "Brielle?" I heard a familiar voice ask as I groaned once more, lazily pressing my finger against my lips.

   "Sh," I shushed, not opening my eyes once. A quiet sigh was emitted, as I felt a presence beside me.

   "Brielle, please open your eyes!" Louis asked as I pouted, slowly peeling my eyelids open. I almost gasped at the sight. Louis had bloodshot eyes, and his hair was a disheveled mess. A small smile formed on his lips as I heard shuffling beside me.

   I painfully craned my neck as four other boys sat smiling goofy at me. I scrunched my forehead in confusion, looking back to Louis.

   "Sorry, my friends insisted on coming!" He laughed as I mustered a small smile, barely nodding my head.

   "My head hurts!" I whispered, rubbing my temple.

   "The doctor said take these once you wake up, it'll help the pain!" Louis spoke gently, handing me two pills and a small paper cup full of water. I nodded, quickly gulping the pills down and sipping some of the drink. I handed Louis the cup as he set it on the floor, leaning towards me to move a stray piece of hair from my face.

   I looked over at him as he leaned in, pressing a gentle and soft kiss to my lips. I smiled, bringing my hand to the nape of his neck as I pulled him closer.

   "Someone's getting all PG-13." One of his friends laughed as Louis pulled away, playfully glaring at him as we all laughed.

   "You just wish you had a girl who made you feel like this!" Louis playfully retorted as ooh's filled the air, just like in class. He seemed to be pretty good at comebacks.

   "Where did you guys meet anyways?" An Irish accent as I looked to Louis panicked. He didn't tell them?

   "Uh, I was at the library and we bumped into each other!'' He lied, gritting his teeth as I suppressed a  laugh. The library? Couldn't he come up with something a little more realistic? I mean, I love reading and all but I absolutely hate libraries! The silence bugs me.

   "Dorks," Another friend teased as the room filled with laughter from every single one of us. I let my smile remain on my lips as I fiddled with my fingers. I looked down at my wrist, tears gathering in the small of my eye.

   "What's wrong angel?" Louis asked, as I took a deep breath, my head pounding inside my skull.

   "M-My head. It-uh, it hurts." I croaked, my voice soft and barely above a whisper. He nodded, his thumb gently caressing my jawline as he looked down at my wrist, tears of his own collecting.

   "Brielle, I am so sorry. I should have never...I'm sorry." He whispered, a tear slipping as I weakly wiped it away.

   "It's okay, how long has it been?" I asked, looking at the clock.

   "A couple of hours, there is still three hours left of school. You still have to serve that detention." He teased, poking his tongue out as his friends gasped. My eyes widened along with Louis'. He had said it out loud.

   "Wait, is she...your student?" A blonde asked as Louis looked tat them before meeting my eyes. Louis shamefully nodded as all of their eyes widened.

   "Louis! You could get fired! How old is she anyways?" A boy with curly hair asked as Louis took a deep breath.

   "She's twenty. Only three years younger. Guys, please don't tell anybody. She's different, I really like her please don't ruin it!" Louis pleaded as my heart warmed, a smile overtaking my lips.

   "Okay, but man. It'll get even with you. On the bright side, were glad you're happy!" A boy with black hair spoke, every strand formed into a quiff. There was an awkward silence before somebody finally spoke, and it was me.

   "Thank you." I whispered as everybody turned to look at me. I melted beneath the stares, but kept my exterior square and proud.

   "You're welcome. Lou is like our brother and we want him to be happy, if you make him happy, we support it." Another spoke, his big brown eyes shining with honesty.

   I smiled, nodding before speaking, "What are your names? I'm sorry, I forgot to ask!" I asked, as they chuckled, the curly haired boy taking the lead.

   "Well, I'm Harry." He smiled, pointing to the boy beside him.

   "Niall." The blonde introduced himself, I smiled nodding as they continued.

   "Liam." A deep voice spoke as I nodded once more, the last speaking his name.

   "And I'm Zayn." He finished, giving a curt wave of his hand. I returned his gesture as I observed the boys.

   "Uh, thanks. I'm Brielle." I spoke, laughing to lighten the tension.

   "Beautiful name!" Niall spoke as Louis glared at him, all of us laughing. Now that I thought about it, any pain I had, had decreased immensely. Those pills are miracle workers.

   "Thank you." I smiled, a redness creeping up my neck and to my cheeks.

   "So, do...Do you want to go somewhere? You've been released." Louis asked as I nodded, sighing deeply.

   "School." I answered, Louis gasping.

   "Uh, no. I don't think-,"

   "Louis, I want to go back. I have classes and a detention to serve." I laughed as he chuckled stiffly. He hesitantly nodded, taking my hand in his.

   "Okay, but promise if they say anything that you'll come to me first." He said sternly as I nodded, nerves eating away at me.`

   "O-Okay." I smiled, convincing myself that everything would be okay.




   "Did you and Mr.Tomlinson fuck in the bathroom?"


   "Does Mr.Tomlinson know how many guys you've fucked?"

   "Ugliest girl in the world."



  I bit my lip, holding in the tears as I kept my head low, continuing down the hall. They didn't even know who I am. I'm a virgin, how did they get any ideas? Why were people so quick to judge? I gnawed on the gum on my lip, hurrying to my locker. I gathered everything I needed to take home, hurrying to Louis' classroom.

   "Awe, doing in there for round two?" A girl sneered as I ignored her comment, pushing his door open and quickly shutting it. Before he could mutter a word I ran over to him, jumping into his arms as he caught me, letting my tears flow freely. He supported my body, gently rubbing the small of my back.

   "Babe, what happened?" He asked, his face buried in my neck. I sobbed as he carried me over to the door. I slightly elevated my head, just enough to see him block the small window with a piece of cardboard. Another brisk walk and I was set on his desk I looked up as he looked down at me concerned.

   "Brielle. Oh my goodness, what happened?" He asked, taking his thumb as he wiped a tear that had strayed.

   "Every word they called was just another hit, it hurt." I spoke, my voice barely above a whisper. He looked down at me sympathetically.

   "Brielle. I am so, so sorry. What can I do?" He asked as I took another deep breath.

   "Just kiss me!" I smiled before bringing my hand behind the nape of his neck, pulling his lips to mine. I smiled as they met, a warm fuzzy feeling igniting within me. He immediately kissed back as he slid me across the desk and onto his torso as he bumped me up. His hands supported me as I wrapped my legs around his torso, never breaking the kiss.

   His tongue gently massaged my bottom lip as I parted them, allowing him access. Our tongues danced together as my fingers tangled through his hair, his own teasingly pulling at the ends of mine. I was gently pressed against the wall as his hands massaged the small of my back.

   His hands trailed beneath my shirt, as I took a breath, pulling away and shaking my head.

   "No, not today." I spoke quietly as he nodded, looking at our feet.

   "I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me." He replied as I smiled, pressing my lips to his once more. He gently set me down, pressing his lips to mine again.

   "Come on, let's sit!" He chuckled, sitting in his teacher chair as I was pulled into his lap, my back pressed against his chest, our legs tangled on top of his desk.

   "Don't move. Please," I smiled as I felt him nod and pull me closer.





Hey guys, this isn't as long as I expected it but I still like it. It's a bit of a cute Louelle chapter. I hope you liked it and don't forget...I sound so sponsor-ey. Anywho, yeah. Love you, bye :) 




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