My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


10. Normal standard


   "You better?" Louis asked as I sniffled, nodding shyly. I was still frozen with fear but I ignored it, and savored the feeling of him laying beside me. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist as I cried into his chest. Maybe I would stop crying but it seemed the tears were never ending. Something so small brought so many tears and Louis took the time from his day to comfort my sobbing state. How could I thank him?

   "Look, I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. I was just caught in the moment and you're so beautiful. I'm sorry, I never wanted to make you cry." Louis whispered hoarsely as I nodded, pulling away so that I could I could gaze into his beautiful blue eyes. It was as if looking into them, vanquished all my worries. Maybe it did.

   "It's okay. Let's just, forget it happened." I sighed as he nodded, pressing his lips to my forehead. He was my teacher. Teacher for God sake. Why was I allowing this to happen? Why was I allowing my heart to control my actions instead of my brain. Oh, because I always did. It's how it's always been and always will be.

   "Look, I know I'm your teacher and all, but. It doesn't have to be like this. Just pretend I'm not your teacher. If I wasn't, things wouldn't be odd so why does my profession have to make things weird?" He spoke, finishing his mini speech as I sighed, laughing lightly as I nodded in agreement.

   "Well. It's just...what if things don't work out? I'll go to school everyday and it would be awkward. People would find out and I'd be the school slut." I sighed, as he forwarded his eyebrows, looking down at me.

   "You dont think we'll work out?" He asked, his blue eyes glossing over as if they were the ocean. Shit! That's not what I meant.

   "No, no! That's not what I meant!" I hurried to correct as he arched his eyebrows, hesitantly nodding. He wasn't buying it. I brought his lips down to mine, pressing our lips together in a slow kiss.

   "I don't think all!" I mumbled against his lips, my eyes closed. After a few moments, I pulled away, leaning our foreheads together. Of course there was a doubt, but didn't every relationship have that? There was always a what, if but I was confident Louis and I could work. We had to.

   Although no part of me would every admit it, Louis was right. If his profession were anything else, it wouldn't be awkward.  Why does it have to be right now? I was determined to treat our...relationship? As if it were one of a normal standard.




Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I wanted to get a chapter up and I dont have time because I have a meeting for a very important high school!!! So yeah, love ya :)



If you read this all comment hmm...if I should change the cover?

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