My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


5. Nobody special

Warning: There are some bits of self-harming and I want to exaggerate how I do not support it in any way shape or form. If you have ever hurt yourself, please talk to me. I'll be here for you. God put you on this planet for a reason, just keep that in mind. You're beautiful no matter what anybody says. Don't let them put scars on any part of your body!


   I lazily threw my hand onto my nightstand, wincing as a sharp pain shot through my fingers. I groaned, knocking multiple things over before I gave up. The constant beeping invaded my thoughts as I took a deep breath, trying not to go paranoid. Before I could stop myself, I had torn the clock from it's position, slamming it against the floor. I heard a little spark as pieces broke off. My eyes opened wide, scared to look down.

   Once I gathered the courage, I slowly peeked my head from the edge of the bed, gasping. My alarm clock was shattered, the wires broken and the plastic cracked into several tiny pieces.

   "It's your fault for being bloody annoying!" I scolded my alarm clock, glaring at it as if it were a real breathing animate person.

   "Wait, what time is it?" I whispered to myself, immediately regretting the fact I had just destroyed my only source of time.

   "I'm sorry for being mean, will you show me the time?" I asked my broken clock, bending down as I began to scoop it into a pile. Before I could succeed I felt a pang of electricity run through my body as my eyes adsorbed a small blue light.

   "Ow!" I exclaimed, quickly pulling my hand to my chest as I tried to ease the throbbing pain. The thing just electrocuted me! Last time I checked, I wasn't practically beeping through a bullhorn for it to get up. For it to get up? Okay, now I know I've lost it! Or maybe I never had it...

   I pulled my phone from beneath my pillow, looking at the time as my eyes widened once again.

   "Bah!" I worried, immediately getting up and running into the bathroom. I brushed through my hair, letting it fall in waves as I quickly brushed my teeth. Not wanting to bother with makeup I prompted for just mascara and lip balm.  

   I smacked my lips together, dashing into my closet as I impatiently fingered through my choices for clothing.I decided to pull some black legging's out of my closet as the hanger went flying to the floor, my hands not bothering to pick it up.

   I immediately went for my over sized gray sweater, stripping from my pajamas and into my new outfit. Instead of leaving my hair down, I pulled it into a messy bun, leaving curls to frame my face.

   "Shoes, shoes, shoes!" I repeated, searching quickly before I found a pair of brown combat boots. Good enough. I added a black bow for a little touch, pulling my phone from the bed and hurrying downstairs. I stuffed a waffle into the toaster, taking possession of my black purse as I impatiently waiting for it to heat.

   I heard a little pop, jumping slightly at the sudden sound. I laughed at my foolishness, quickly buttering the waffle, drizzling syrup over it as I stuffed the warm piece of food into my mouth. I quickly savored the taste, shoving things back into my fridge as I ran out of my house, quickly locking the door and finding my way to my car.

   I swallowed the remainders of my breakfast, pulling the keys from my bag as I unlocked the door, sitting down and swinging my feet in. I slammed the door shut, setting my bag on the passenger seat as I inserted my key into the start up, starting to ignition.

   My car came quietly to life as I backed out of my driveway, my hand draped over the seat as I looked backwards to ensure a clear road. Once I was on the street, I looked forward and began driving towards the school. Only have way through the drive did it occur to me that Drama was my first class. Oh shit...

   Once I arrived at school, I parked my car in the farthest spot available, turning it off and staring out the windshield. What if he hates me now?

   He's the one who kissed you , my subconscious added. I nodded my head in encouragement, unlocking my door as I stepped out, locking it and slamming my door shut. My hand shook as I walked towards the building, afraid people had found out. Well it's not like were dating...or in love so why should it matter? It was one kiss, it didn't lead to anything else!

   I hurried into the hall which lockers adorned, not bothering to waste time. I quickly found my locker, circling the combination in. I plopped down to the floor, this time taking all the time I needed to gather my things. The five minute bell rang, signaling the soon arrival of class. I groaned, taking as little as I could without leaving out anything I needed. I stacked it in a neat pile, closing my locker and hoisting the binder, notebook and folder into my left arm.

   Nervously, I took a deep breath. I just had to be in front row. I bit my lip, nodding my head in encouragement as I walked into the classroom. Half the class was still out at the lockers, making this ten times as awkward. Now that I look a it, there were very few people in the class and all that were, had been seated in the back corner, farthest from me.

   I tried to be as quiet as possible, not wanting Mr.Tomlinson too look up from his papers but luck wasn't with me. Before I could stop it, my things fell through my arms and scattered themselves along the ground. I groaned as Mr.Tomlinson looked up, his eyes locking with me as he got up, walking to help me.

   "I've got this!" he spoke as I sighed, standing straight as he gathered my things for me. He stood up, handing them to me as I thanked him.

   "Thanks Mr.Tomlinson!" I spoke monotonously as he gave me a small smile.

   "Is dropping things a habit for you?" He laughed as I took a few breath's. I gave a small laugh back, not particular answering the question.

   "Look Briell-," He began before I interjected.

   "Miss.Smith!" I spoke as I sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb.

   "Miss.Smith, about what happened Satur-," 

   "Oh look class is starting, todaloo!" I spoke  in a nervous tone, rushing to my seat as his lips emitted yet another sigh. I sat in my seat, setting everything beside me as I pulled out my drama notebook.

   "Okay class, today we are going to learn how tone can greatly change your voice. It can give you a innocent manner, or a deep mysterious one.." Lou-, Mr.Tomlinson began as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find probably the most fake girl I've ever seen, staring back at me. I bet she's so fake even China denies making her...

   "Isn't Mr.Tomlinson so hot! Oh, imagine the things he could do with those lips! Those hands roaming your body, ah! He's so sexy!" The girl spoke as I clenched my fist beneath the table, anger brewing in me. Why was I so jealous? It's not like I called dibs or he's mine. I bet you he already has a girlfriend, maybe even a wife.

   Than why did he kiss you?

  Stupid subconscious...

   I ignored her very true comments but before I could turn around, Mr.Tomlinson's voice stopped me.

   "Miss.Smith, is this class not interesting enough for you? Detention today after school, be there!" He snapped as I gasped, turning back around. I glared at him as he gave me a smile. You've got to be kidding.

   "And if I don't show?" I retorted as ooh's filled the air. Mr.Tomlinson chuckled, looking straight into my eyes.

   "Sweetheart, I'm the teacher and what I say goes!" He replied as my heart fluttered at the mention of sweetheart.

   "Burn!" A guy coughed causing the whole classroom to erupt in laughter, except myself of course. A teacher just got over on me...specifically one I have a crush on.

   "She just wishes she could send more time with Mr.Tomlinson! She's probably having a fling with him or something! Actually no, she's to ugly for him!" Another girl spoke and you could practically hear the smirk in her venomous voice.

   I bit down on my lip, attempting to hold back the tears that were pushing at my eyelids.

   Mr.Tomlinson looked angrily at the girl, than sympathetically down at me. Our eyes connected as I shook my head, laying it down on the desk. Beneath my desk, i turned my wrist over slightly to examine the fading scars.

   "Yeah who would date an ugly whore like her?" Another girl agreed as a single tear fell from my eyes.

   "Enough Hannah, no cursing in my class especially about other students!" Mr.Tomlinson replied, a somewhat angry feel to his tone.

   "Why she's an ugly piece of shit!" The same girl retorted before I pushed my chair out, gathering my book bag and hurrying out of the room. I hurried into the bathroom, finding the largest stall and locking myself in.

   The tears streamed freely down my face as I pulled open a pocket of my book bag, finding a blade. Should I? Without hesitation I took the blade in my right hand, setting it against my left wrist. Here we go, I'm falling back into my old ways just like I promised myself I wouldn't. Before I could think logically, I pressed the blade down, pulling it down my arm as I bit my lip in pain.

   "Whore..." I whispered, making a single cut.

   "Slut..." One more cut.

   "Piece of shit..." The third cut.

   "Ugly..." The fourth cut.

   "Worthless..." Fifth.

   The list went on and on and soon my wrist were covered in bleeding cuts. I cried, my tears stinging as they fell onto the wrist.

   "Oh wait, I forgot the best of them all!" I spoke sarcastically to myself as tears roamed freely on my reddened cheeks.

   "Go die, you're not worth it, nobody loves you!" I spoke to myself, pressing the blade down the hardest I ever have and dragging it across my skin as it split open. I gasped at the immense pain flooding my entire body.

   "Brielle, are you ok-," Mr.Tomlinson began as I hurried to hide the evidence. I placed my book bag on top of the blood and hurried to wrap toilet around my wrist. I pulled my sleeve down at the door opened and Mr.Tomlinson looked down at me.

   "Hey Brielle-," He began before I once more cut him off.

   "Miss.Smith!" I spoke, my voice faint.

   You're losing a lot of blood Brielle.

   "No, I'm calling you by Brielle. I'm sorry about them back there and, wait!" He stopped. His eyes looked at how oddly my book bag was placed and how I was sat in a weird position, to prevent the blood from seeping through my sweater. He looked at how I held my wrist defensively before one more thing pieced it all together. The blood smeared on the floor.

   "B-Brielle?" He whispered, tears flowing in his ocean like eyes.

   "Yeah?" I asked as if everything were fine.

   "Did you?" He asked as I shook my head to quickly. His eyes landed on the razor I forgot to hide as both of our eyes widened.

   "Oh my Goodness!" He gasped, picking the bloody razor up between his fingers.

   "Brielle, why?" He asked faintly as I looked up at my teacher with watery eyes.

   "My whole life I've been called horrible things. I can't take it...I just can't..." I trailed off, my voice barely above a whisper.

   "There's more?" He shrieked, taking the rest of my razors from my book bag where they were peeking from my side pocket.

   "Don't cut Brielle!" Mr.Tomlinson spoke in all seriousness. His hand flicked as he threw the razors into the toilet behind me. I gasped, my eyes widening as I shot in front of him.

   "No, don't please! Don't!" I protested but the sound of a flush drained my voice. I watched in horror as my razor's swirled down, disappearing.

   "Why? Why did you do that? You ruined my life!" I exclaimed, exaggeration clear in my voice. Mr.Tomlinson looked down at me, concern sweeping his face as he bent down, pulling me into his lap.

   "Brielle...don't ever hurt yourself!" Mr.Tomlinson spoke, my side pressed against his hard yet oddly soft chest. I sobbed into the crook of his neck, his hands rubbing my thighs in a comforting manner.

   "Why are you comforting me? Don't you have a class? I'm nobody special..." I sobbed, as he tilted my chin higher with his index and middle finger.

   "I had the class get on their phones, just do something to pass the time. You're more important to me! You're special to me..." Mr.Toml-, Louis spoke.

   "You're my teacher and besides it's not like you like me like I lik-," I began before shutting my mouth. I'm pretty sure each of us knew but actually speaking our feelings was more than not okay. 

   "Like me like I what?" He pushed on as I looked up into his eyes, his face blurred due to my never ending tears.

   "Like I like you..." I whispered, praying that he hadn't heard me. Well...he had!

   "Y-You like me?" He asked as I nodded shyly, hiding my face in his chest.

   "Please don't hate me! I shouldn't feel this way about a teacher, I'm sorry!" I cried, clenching his shirt as I felt my tears soak through the material.

   "Brielle Smith, I could never hate you! To be honest, I shouldn't feel this way about a student!" He spoke as I removed my head from his chest, once more looking up at him.

   "W-What?" I asked quietly, not sure I had heard the words correctly.

   "Brielle do you really think I haven't developed some type of feeling for you?" Louis asked as I took a deep breath, nodding my head.

   "You're absolutely crazy then! Ever since I saw you in the hallway, gathering your things, you were all I could think about!" Louis spoke as I smiled lightly, my stomach fluttering.

   "This...this isn't right! You're my teacher!" I spoke, still feeling awkward in his arms yet oddly comforted. I didn't think of him as my teacher that's the main problem.

   "Well, we can hide it but Brielle. I'm done hiding the feelings I've grown for you! Please, can we give us a chance?" He asked as I sniffled, squirming in his lap.

   "I-well, er-," I began before buttery warm lips pressed against mine. I smiled, all my worries slipping through my fingers like sand as I adsorbed myself in the kiss.

   His tongue gently traced my bottom lip, as I parted my trembling mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance his hands pulled me farther up his thighs. I tangled my fingers through his hair, a moan catching on his lips. I smiled as his hands gently massaged my lower back, working up until he was caressing my cheeks.

   His lips detached from mine as little kisses were scattered among my cheeks, his lips working along my jaw line. My heart fluttered as he left my jaw, sweet tender kisses left on the base of my neck, working his way up.

   Once he reached right below my ear, he began gently nibbling as I suppressed a moan. Louis propped himself on his knees, arching me into him with his hand supporting the middle of my back. I was leaned back onto the floor, Louis hovering over me as I moaned, his lips working magic on my neck. I could feel the smirk against the neck as kisses were left on my collarbone.

   "We should stop..." I spoke, as the bell rang, students rushing around in the halls.

   "Don't forget detention today!" He smirked as I gave him a smile. I nodded, getting up as I packed everything into my bag. Once I thought Louis was gone, I peeled the reddened toilet paper from my wrist, flinging it into the toilet and flushing it.

   "Oh my God!" Louis gasped as I jumped, turning around.

   I quickly pulled my sleeve down as he looked at me with wide eyes.

   "I had no idea you had...uh, made so many cuts! I thought you made a few!" Louis spoke as I giggled, shaking my head.

   To be honest, everything was spinning around and I felt as if I were floating. Is that a bad thing?

   "Brielle, you must have lost a lot of blood!" Louis exclaimed, rushing over to my wrist where scars were made from my wrist up to almost my elbow. I smiled faintly, as his voice became quieter.

   "I feel tired..." Were the last words I spoke before I blacked out, Louis catching me in his arms before I hit the ground.



+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 


Awe, a small Louelle moment :) So I hope you guys enjoy that chapter and if you didnt read the warning in the beginning, please do :) Okay, so I hope you're having an amazing day and I'll update most likely later today, bye :D xx




If you read this all comment 'Louelle is my otp'.

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