My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


4. Monday

   I continued staring out of my new window seat, admiring the way he took a forceful hit each time the ball came near him. I was close enough to watch the muscles on his back contract with each movement. It was beautiful. Just like before, his hair was swept up into a small quiff.

   I smiled, watching the game, laughing as I watched them throw themselves into an argument as to who had actually won. As I wanted to get to know him better, I decided to go to the beach. I quickly dashed into my closet, finding my bathing suit and throwing it on after I discarded my clothes. I found my red beach towel and my flip flops before dashing down out of the back door.

   Slowing down my pace, I walked onto the beach, the bag I snagged light on my aching shoulder. My bag consisted of many things. Many things I don't need...but you know...who doesn't have these things?

   For example,

   [x] Sunscreen

   [x] instant tanner

   [x] The fault in our stars

   [x] My IPhone

   [x] Headphones

   [x] Twenty dollar bill.

   [x] Sunglasses

   And many other things I really don't need. I might also have pepper spray...what? There are WAY to may creeps at the beach.

   I smiled, trying to get as close to Louis as I could without him noticing me. Once I was a good ten feet away, I set my bag on the sand, spreading my large blanket out. I got down onto my knees, laying flat on my stomach. I closed my eyes, allowing my skin to adsorb the sun as it began darkening.

   Soon Louis' and his friends yells became mute, other people laughing and screaming. I fought the urge to open my eyes, because as soon as I did he would know I have followed him. I let my tense body relax, just enjoying myself before a finger tapped my right shoulder. I opened my eyes, turning around and sitting up.

   "Fancy seeing you here!" Louis spoke, his eyes shining as the sun reflected on them, sand covering his legs.

   "Uh, yeah. I guess I wanted to get out of the house for a while!" I spoke, again mentally face palming myself as I had when we first met. Get out of the house for a while? If my mindless babbling can't ruin my chances with him than I don't know what can. Oh, maybe the fact that he's my teacher but that's beside the point!

   "Same, where do you live? I don't mean to sound strange or anything but...we are on the same beach and everything!" He struggled to say, trying not to sound odd as I laughed, pointing to the large house behind me.

   "Only two houses down from me?" He spoke, his eyebrows cocked in observation as I nodded, my cheeks reddening as I let my hair fall, attempting to hide it. 

   "That's cool. I know I sound very weird right now but..uh, let's take a...a walk! Get to know each other. Don't think of me as your teacher, think of me as just another guy!" He stuttered, the most adorable smile adorning his lips. I looked into his eyes for a few moments before nodding my head, getting up and collecting my towel and bag.

   "You can leave that with my friends if you want, they'll keep it safe!" He spoke as I nodded, thanking him. He led me over to his friends, setting my bag beside the volleyball court and without answering any of their questions, he took my wrist and walked away.

   "Sorry about them, they get curious!" He laughed, his cheeks slightly coloring.

   "Don't worry, they seem nice!" I replied, grateful I had put some shorts on.

   "They are..." He chuckled, nervously scratching the back of his neck.

   "So, where do you want to go?" I asked, swinging my arms back and forth as I walked to an unknown destination with one incredibly beautiful teacher.

   "Uh, there's a nice ice cream parlor on the corner!" He suggested as I nodded happily, beginning to run down the sand. I heard a laugh that made my heart melt as Louis' hand captured my arm, his body catching up to me.

   I laughed, slowing back down to a walk as he did the same, both of us panting.

   "Last one to the parlor buys?" Louis challenged. Before I could respond he was dashing off.

   "Cheater!" I laughed, racing behind him as the sand flew up in different directions due to the force of my feet. I turned a corner, observing him as he ran through the door, as I smiled to myself. His hair which was styled in a perfect little quiff was beginning to damp down with sweat as he doubled over, panting. I laughed, walking in behind him as I placed my hand on his upper back.

   "You should calm down, I don't think my teacher dying in front of me would put me in a great position!" I laughed, helping him stand straight as he looked down at me, smiling. I smiled back as we walked up to the counter, ordering our food.

   She punched the order in as I began to pull my wallet out.

   "Nonsense," Louis began as I was quick to object.

   "You won fair and square!" 

   "I don't care, I'm still paying!"

   "No, I insist-,"

   "No I do," Louis argued, snatching my wallet as it was stuffed into his pocket. He set a ten on the counter as the clerk laughed, handing him his change and going to retrieve our ice cream.

   "Can I have my wallet back now?" I giggled as he nodded proudly, handing it to me. I thanked him, stuffing it in my back pocket as I took the cone of ice cream, licking the drips of chocolate.

   "How is it?" Louis asked, taking a lick of his own.

   "Perfect!" I exclaimed, continuing to devour it's sweetness. He smiled, as we walked out, enjoying the warmth the weather provided. We walked down the sidewalk, simply talking.

   I pouted as my cone hit the pavement, the chocolate expanding.

   "Hey, my ice cream..." I pouted deeper, my voice high with sadness.

   I bent down to retrieve the crushed cone, my head bumping into Louis' as we both backed away looking. We both stayed bent down, laughing as he hurried to clean it up.

   I smiled, his eyes looking into mine as I admired his sea foam eyes.

   Before I knew it, our lips were pressed to one another's, both of our cone's dropping back down onto the concrete. We stood up, my hands wrapping around his waist as he pulled me closer. His tongue gently traced my bottom lip as I slightly parted my lips, allowing access.

   He's your teacher, this isn't right.

  As if we had the same thought, Louis and I both pulled away looking shocked at each other.

   "I-I'm so sorry-," Louis began before I interjected.

   "No, no, no! I'm going to get going," 

   "Yeah, uh I'll see you in class Miss.Smith-,"

   "Yeah, goodbye Mr.Tomlinson!" We exchanged awkwardly before both of us headed in opposite directions, completely forgetting about the melting ice cream.

   What just happened?

   I ran back to the beach, collecting my bag from his friends as they questioned me. I smiled, politely shaking my head as I ran back to my house, flinging the door open and slamming it shut. I threw my bag to my right as it slid across the floor.

   I just kissed...I just kissed my Drama teacher. What the hell is wrong with me?

   My hand raced up to my lip, gently pressing it as I remembered the kiss. Traces of cake batter ice cream still lingered in my mouth as I smiled, replaying the events.

   "I just kissed him..." I whispered to myself, my breath rigid and crazy.

   I wondered what he thought. Sure enough he meant to kiss me, there was enough room that he could simply stand but he didn't. I smiled, licking my lips as I thought of the moment our lips touched. It felt amazing, I'm not saying fireworks went off but something was definitely there.

   What was going to happen Monday?







Hey guys, I'm sorry for not updating and the short chapter but I wanted to get something up for you :) Can we just talk about the fact, they kissed? Who all is on #TeamLoelle (It's the best I can come up with!)


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