My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


8. I could always entertain you


   No school, praise floods. Somehow water had drained, spilling over it's barrier and flooding the school. It's odd to think I could stay home but I enjoyed it. The only thing that sucked was Louis wouldn't be with me. I sat back against my wall, thinking about the scenario in a whole.

   I, Brielle, had taken on feelings for my drama teacher. Wasn't that illegal? I swear it is...

   I couldn't help it. I didn't want to find him the least bit appealing but combining his laugh, his beautiful eyes and his smile...Oh, and his voice...don't forget the way his eyes sparkle and his hair when it's messed up and...I'm getting off track. Everything added together creates something to beautiful to be rejected.

   I sighed, looking out of my balcony. The sun shone, the waves crashing against the shore. It was perfect and if I was lucky, Louis would come down. I found my closet, changing into a bikini as I looked down my wrist. Scars traveled up, causing my arm to look like I had nailed at it. I sighed again, ignoring the thoughts.

  I quickly pulled some shorts up my legs, not bothering with a shirt. The beach was directly behind me. Flip-flops adorned my feet as I quickly slid the keys off the counter. I listened as the keys jingled in my hand, a large beach bag hanging from my shoulder.

   I quickly left the back door, locking it on my way out as the warm breeze slammed against me. I admired the feel as my hair blew back, leaving my skin bare.

   Seagulls flew overhead, their annoying voice squawking as I curled my toes in the sand. I found it difficult to walk in the grain, so I pulled the flip flops from my feet, shoving them into my bag. I smiled, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against each other, lapping onto the shore. Children screamed happily, adults laying out as the sun baked their skin.

   Go directly in front of Louis' house. If he passes a window he'll see you.


   I hated the idea of seeming to creepy but my subconscious pushed me towards his back patio. I stayed a good fifty feet in front of it. Sighing, I tugged the towel from the confinements of my bag, pushing it outwards as the cloth flew outward. It fluttered down to the sand, crinkling as I walked around, straightening it out.

   I pulled out a bottle of sunscreen, lathering it on thinly so I could still tan. After I finished, I laid on my stomach, smiling as the warmth  shone on my back. I could practically feel the sun working it's way into my skin as the water gave me a soothing aurora. 

   "I feel like I'm being stalked..." I heard a chuckle as I gasped, tilting my head up as I held my hand over my eyes, squinting them. Getting frustrated, I simply pulled on my aviators, looking up into his eyes.

   "Louis!" I smiled, my heart warming as I sat up.

   "Hey babe." He replied, sitting beside me.

   "What's up?"

   "Any reason you're in front of my house?"

   "Pft! What? This is your house? I had no clue!" I lied, laughing awkwardly as my hand flew around in the air.

   "You dropped me off." He stated as I froze.

   "Oh.." I answered as he laughed, pressing his lips to the corner of mine.

   "I was kind of hoping I'd see you!" He spoke, scooting closer to me.

   "Yeah, me too. Can you believe the school got flooded?" I asked, stirring up any form of conversation.

   "It happened before, so yeah!" He smiled as I blushed in embarrassment. That's the best I could come up with.

   "Well, uh yeah. I was thinking of inviting a friend over." I aforementioned randomly as he cocked his eyebrows, a small laugh emitting from his lips.


   "I'm bored. It gets lonely..." I sighed, thinking of which friend to invite. Oh wait, I had no friends...

   "I could always entertain you!" He winked as I gasped, smacking him in the arm.

   "LOUIS!" I exclaimed, laughing as I doubled over.

   "You are my teacher, it's not right!" I spoke quietly as he gave me the are you serious? look.

   "And yet we're dating?"

   "That's different..." I mumbled quietly.

   "Says who?" He asked as his two fingers turned my head so that our lips touched. I smiled, gently kissing back before pulling away.

   "We're in public.." I giggled as he playfully rolled his eyes.

   "Then let's take it to your house!" He muttered, trying to press his lips back to mine.

   "Louis! Whats wrong with you? You've never been like this before!" I exclaimed, scooting over a bit so there was space between us.

   "I'm sorry. We won't, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me...I'm sorry.." He murmured, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment. I laughed silently, admiring his pout. It wasn't playfully, he was truly embarrassed. I felt bad. I leaned in, gently pressing my lips to his again as I felt him smile.

   "We can go to my house, but we're not doing anything!" I informed as he nodded, giving me a quick peck before we headed back to my house.






Hey guys so due to the overwhelming demands to continue, I did:) I was wondering, this would be awesome. Could any of you make me a trailer for this story? I doesnt have to be extravagant and perfect but Id really like that! Id see it and be all like

Me: Huh, I should update because it has a trailer


SO, erm yeah :) SOrry its short but if you make me a trailer ill make an extra long update :)

Wuff you  ☻♥



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