My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


2. A fresh start



   I parked my car in the last available parking space, squeezing myself through the tight fit. I sighed of relief, knowing I wasn't late on my first day of school. That wouldn't have been good. I gripped my vanilla bean frap in anxiety, nervous of entering this massive building. What if it's exactly like my old school? One look at the scars on my wrist and a wave of shivers coursed through me.   

   Brielle...they will not get to you. Brush the words right off. A smile of confidence swept over my pink lips as I took one last deep breathe, pushing the doors open as a massive building of anxious college students huddled around various places.

   To my advantage, the office was directly to my right, allowing my easy access to my new syllabus. I gently, yet firmly, pushed thorugh the crowd of teenagers/adults that scattered the white tiled floor. I found the glass doors to the circular shaped office. It was quite an amazing concept.

   I walked up to the desk, happy that nobody else waited in line.

   "Name please?" The lady ask, giving me a warm smile.

   "Brielle Smith, freshman." I smiled, as she nodded, typing quickly into her computer.

   "Ah, here you are. Let me just print your syllabus!" She smiled, pushing herself away from the desk as the printer came to life. Her hand rested on the tray, patiently waiting for the paper to emerge as a small quiet hum emitted from her slightly parted lips.

   Finally the paper came out as she whisked it away, handing it to me.

   "First class is Drama, second floor room 16Q." She smiled, handing me the warm piece of paper. I thanked her, boosting my backpack higher up onto my shoulder. To pass the time, I observed my scheldule intently, following the guides along the wall to the elevator.

   I finally found the stainless steel double door, pressing the glassy shined button as it turned green. There were only three floors in this college which meant the elevator was quick to come. I walked in, admiring its appearance. Every wall was a mirror creating a larger illusion. The floors were...woah...carpeted? I already love college. I smiled, pressing the two button as the doors closed together, the small box jerking as it began upwards.

   If you blinked you would've missed the ride. Instantly I was thrown onto floor two, even more students occupying the floor. I sighed, attmepting to bustle through them. Once I thought I had succeeded, a oblivious jock ran into me as I fell onto my face, my items scattering everywhere. Not a single sorry was exchanged. Nothing was helped to be picked up.

   "I hope you step on a lego..." I muttered, rolling my eyes as I began gathering my things which had slid across the laminate looking floors. I took a deep breathe, reaching for the last of my things which happened to be my favorite book. The fault in our stars. Before my fingers could fully grasp the blue cover, another larger hand took possession of it.

   "John Green? We'll get along fine this year." A guy smiled, standing as I was handed my book. I shoved it into my backpack, finally looking up to meet beautiful sea foam eyes. Lost for words, I blushed, nodding my head.

   "U-uh, yeah. I really love this book!" I smiled, mentally face-palming myself. I really love this book? Great first impression Brielle.

   "It's quite the book.." He smiled, my heart melting even farther into the pit of my stomach.

   "Mr.Tomlinson." He smiled warmly as a hand was extended. I almost gasped, my eyes widening. He was a teacher? old was he? I think the teacher is cute? I need some serious help.

   "Brielle Smith." I smiled, gently shaking his hand with the arm free of text books.

   "Nice to meet you Miss.Smith, may I ask what your first class is?" He smiled, crinkles forming beneath his bright sea foam eyes.

   "Uh..." I spoke, pulling my syllabus from the mess of a pile in my left arm, "Drama." I smiled, my eyes rechecking the still warm paper.

   "Ah, well you're in my class then love. Just this way." He smiled, gently taking my arm as I walked behind him, a black sign reading...


Drama Class

Room 16Q


   I smiled as he opened the door, leading me through. The classroom was vacant, Mr.Tomlinson walking over to his neat yet still messy desk.

   "Okay, Mrs.Smith your seat is..." He spoke, looking down, his index finger running around a yellow seating chart, "Ah, middle of the front row." He smiled, gesturing to my seat as I nodded, setting my stuff down. I pulled the chair out as the backpack was slung on its granite surface. There was almost a stage type of landing in front of the room. It was a very large room with a few posters surrounding the walls. Well...dumb learning posters.

   I sighed, unbuttoning my floral book bag as my book fell from my bag onto the tiled ground. Mr.Tomlinson looked up from his papers, smiling when his eyes landed on the blue cover.

   "The fault in our stars. Love that book, you a fan?" He smiled, nodding towards me. I smiled widely nodded vigorously as my spirits heightened. This was my favorite book by far that I have read.

   "It's so romantic yet realistic and truthful. It shows the life isn't going to be perfect once you meet somebody you love." I spoke thoughtfully as he nodded, his eyes brightening.

   "I have yet to hear a more amazing reason for loving that book that is still accurate to what the book has to contribute." He smiled as I nodded. His smile. It was so...what was the word? Cute? Adorable? It made me melt inside.

   Before another word could be exchanged, the bell rung and students began rushing into the classroom, anxious to rid of the first day of school.

   For the rest of the day, Mr.Tomlinson and I hadn't exchanged a word.




Hey guys. Sorry it's a short first chapter but I had a concussion and everything this week, and last week, has just been going wrong. I'm really sorry but I promise the next chapter will be longer.

I love you bunches.


If you read this all comment 'tommo'.



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