My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


13. A days worth of memories


   The day passed and while Louis held me in his arms, I was constantly worrying about his job. I really didnt want him to quit, and to my happiness he hadn't yet but I was dreading the moment it came. I felt his lips press to my forehead a small gesture that caused a small eruption of butterflies in my stomach.

   "Do you want to go and do something?" He asked, looking into my eyes as I looked up at him. I shrugged my shoulders with a nod as he smiled, pressing his lips to mine.

   "Like what though?" I asked curiously, sitting up as he stood, stretching his arms above his head.

   "Hm...I don't know. I mean you do live in front of a beach!" Louis spoke with sass as I laughed, my cheeks tinting. We quickly changed into our swim wear before another possible problem slipped into my mindset.

   "What if somebody we know see's us? You haven't quit yet!" I pointed out frantic, my face falling as horrid plots played out in my mind. It wasn't being caught that worried me. It was not having Louis by my side any longer that drove my sanity right out the door.

   "Eh, true. We can go to a beach in another city or something, somewhere nobody we know would be?" He suggested with a shrug as I pondered over the thought.

   I scoffed, breaking my defenses, "Fine but if I see anyone we know, we stay away from each other!" I planned as he nodded with a smile. I grinned back, pulling on some shorts and a t-shirt as we hurried downstairs.

   I walked out to the car, waiting a few minutes before Louis quickly raced in. It was days like this I was thankful for tinted windows. The car was soon cruising down the road, Louis and I chattering away aimlessly about topics nobody in their right mind could come to care about.

   The drive to the beach took hours and at one point during the trip, I had fallen asleep, my head rested on Louis' lap as he drove down the barren area.

   "Babe? Babe, wake up!" I heard his soft voice whisper, his warm hand gently clasping my arm and shaking it. I groaned, stirring as I slowly opened my eyes. I looked around, steadily raising as I looked out the windshield. Masses of clear blue stretched beyond the horizon, the vibrant orange sun setting in the distance, transforming the sky into a wonderland of warm colors.

   "This is beautiful!" I gasped, thankful I had my camera in the backseat. It was something I always carried around my neck. I spent lots of money on it and I was thankful there were scenes like this that put the money to good use.

   "Just like you." Louis grinned, as I laughed.

   "Oh wow, cliche!" I smiled as he reciprocated my action.

   "Only for you baby!" He winked, as we both got out of the car, gathering our towels and bags. My flip flops did terrible at keeping the burning sand away from my feet, so instead I ran towards the water where the coldness washed away the heat.

   The day continued on and just like Louis said, nobody we knew was there.

   Photos filled my camera but not even the lens could capture the feelings that Louis and I had shared on that day.






Hey guys :) Can we make a deal? If I try and update more often, the chapters can be shorter?? I think its a fair-ish trade :D Kay well Im gonna try and update another story before my friend comes over so adios!! :D 


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