Clairvaux MacKillop College <3

Hey Guys, We are Emily and Mikaela <3
This is our diary of Clairvaux Mackillop College <3. Our High School! We'll try to come here everyday and tell you how the day was and yeah. So I hope you enjoy. Please like, comment, fan and all that stuff <3 <3 Love you guys xox


5. Underestimated

She's perfect.


No one realises how truly beautiful she really is.


Everybody underestimates how lovely she is.


Her eyes a beautiful hazel brown. 


She dyes her hair just to try and fit in.


She has braces but wears them with style. 


She has the coolest clothes.


And the coolest shoes.


She has an iPhone but does't brag.


She gets hate and it gets her down.


But I know it makes her stronger. 


She has bad moments in her life but lets face it, we all do!


She may not have the best body, but she is working on it.


She really is! 


Too me, she is the most beautiful girl at school.


If only she believed it!


She is perfect.


She is  a work of art.


God's masterpiece.


Her name is Crystal.


Kaela xox

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