Clairvaux MacKillop College <3

Hey Guys, We are Emily and Mikaela <3
This is our diary of Clairvaux Mackillop College <3. Our High School! We'll try to come here everyday and tell you how the day was and yeah. So I hope you enjoy. Please like, comment, fan and all that stuff <3 <3 Love you guys xox


4. Lonely

All I have is him. 


It's like being with him, makes me inferior to others.


I'm sick of only having him and nobody else.


I guess he just isn't my boyfriend.


He's my best friend. 


He's my saviour.


He's my hero.


He is the only one always here for me.


I'm not say that I don't have other friends, I do. 


All I'm saying is that he's the only one who has time for me.


I'm going through a lot at the moment.


Little does anyone know.


I can't tell anyone because I fear that they won't accept my feelings and care.


I just wish I had someone.


~Kaela xx

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