Clairvaux MacKillop College <3

Hey Guys, We are Emily and Mikaela <3
This is our diary of Clairvaux Mackillop College <3. Our High School! We'll try to come here everyday and tell you how the day was and yeah. So I hope you enjoy. Please like, comment, fan and all that stuff <3 <3 Love you guys xox


8. Hate it

To be very honest, I hate my school. Its actually so bad. I hate it with a fucking passion. The students are so rude, the girls are such sluts, the boys treat you with so much disrespect & It's absolutely disgusting. I know this girl who was in a fairly long relationship (nearly 9 months) and she was cheating on her boyfriend the whole time with someone who treated her with half the respect. I know 2 girls who have already sent nudes and I'm sorry but I hate when people do that. I have so much disrespect for them & I don't want to surround myself with them anymore. A couple of girls have had sex already. We're just going into grade nine for crying out loud. The boys don't know how to treat women. You get the occasional sweet boy but the rest are man whores. Seriously, ew. 


I get called a slut alot but I don't know why because I haven't even hooked up with anyone yet. I want to move schools to Our Lady's College but mum wont let me because my boyfriend is still at CMC. fml. 


From Emily xxx

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