Clairvaux MacKillop College <3

Hey Guys, We are Emily and Mikaela <3
This is our diary of Clairvaux Mackillop College <3. Our High School! We'll try to come here everyday and tell you how the day was and yeah. So I hope you enjoy. Please like, comment, fan and all that stuff <3 <3 Love you guys xox


1. Cliques

Just like all schools, you have your cliques. The people who hide away from everything, the nerdy kids, the sporty kids, the 'cool' kids, the 'popular' kids, the sluts, the bitches, the people who just are normal and then there are people like me, who don't fit in.

For me, everyday is a struggle. Hardly anyone notices  me, I don't have a clique or a group of friends that I belong to, I just have me. I guess I'm happy with that but sometimes I wish I  things were different.

People like me, have a lot more to show than it seems.

Kaela x

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