Forever With You

Brandy is THE girl at her school, caption of the cheerleading team, quarterback boyfriend, future prom queen. She's got the life. That is until a new boy (Louis) comes to her school and steals her heart away. Read my book to see what happens between them ;)
*note the book starts in the begining of Brandy's senior year*


1. When I Saw Him

Brandys' POV

              "Alright! Today's the day people the scouts are here to look for any outstanding talent!" like there is any talent in this team, other then me of course

"So I want to see the best of the best out of all of you. And if there's any stunts today like yesterday I'll have to get out the weights and you'll have to run the bleachers!" Idiots the whole lot of em, nearly broke Anna's neck yesterday slacking on our routine.

"Well what are you waiting for? Practice!" Nimrods.

   Then I felt some strong arms wrap around my waste, Jason wonderful handsome Jason."Hi sweetheart, are you ready to show off your amazing skills and get a huge scholarship?" always a flatterer

"I don't want to jinx it but.....YES!! Are you going to stay and watch?" i hope he can, he never does watch me cheer

"sorry babe but I have to go to uh..tutoring" well it was worth a shot

"oh ok...academics are important so yeah you go" I gave him a kiss and he walk off


         This is it my defining moment i've been waiting for this day for years now it's here and, and I'm freaking out. all i could do is breath deep

"here we go guys 1, 2, 3, WILDCATS!" I walked out and i could hear my heart beating in my chest. i kept telling myself it's just like any other day. I was about to keel over and die when I saw a face in the cheering crowd, a face that i had never seen before. But something about this boy's face it was like i was attached to him somehow. He was looking at me too starring and cheering.

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