Forever With You

Brandy is THE girl at her school, caption of the cheerleading team, quarterback boyfriend, future prom queen. She's got the life. That is until a new boy (Louis) comes to her school and steals her heart away. Read my book to see what happens between them ;)
*note the book starts in the begining of Brandy's senior year*


2. Something Special

I looked away quickly, trying to focus on team. But all I could think about was him.

"Alright girls 5,6,7,8" the music started pounding in my heart I did the routine flawlessly, but his face was all I could see the whole time. We ran off and all the girls we smiling and jumping and laughing.

"Girls I think that was the best we've ever done it, good job I'm so proud of you!! Now come here and give me hugs every single one of you!" We all hugged and told them all something encouraging, but the whole time I just wanted to talk to that boy! I walked up to the stands looking for him and he was gone. Then I felt a tapping on my shoulder. 

"Hi Brandy?" I turned around and there he was his hair was a beautiful brown doing this perfect swoopy thing. He had the best smile I'd ever seen, perfect teeth and his eyes blue and bright. And he had an adorable British accent

"That's me" I said smiling, surprised I could even get those two words out

"I'm Louis Tomlinson and I just want to say you where amazing out there, you executed that round off into the double backflip perfectly. And I know that's hard!" He's perfect 

"Well thank you very much, how would you know though" I asked confused

"Oh sorry I'm a gymnast, and I used to be a cheerleader at my old school. I just moved here and wanted to check out your cheer talent" seriously I had such a hard time keeping me hand off of him

"Well that's great we can always use more male cheerlea..."

"Oh no I'm not joining this squad I..I just wanted to see you guys haha well I've got to go, bye" then he ran off into the large crowd of people. It was really weird

"Brandy!!" I heard Brianna's voice yelling my name from behind

"Bri!!!" I turned around yelling her name 

"How was it?? Did I mess up? Did I embarrass myself?"

"Well...I am your best friend....and I always tell you the truth so....NO!! You were perfect, everyone was completely in sync and you were THE BEST" then we hugged

"So Starbucks for my amazing best friend?"

"Uuh I wish but all the cheer girls are going out for Chipotle, next time" 

"Oh ok...well I love you have fun" we hugged and she walked away. I walked back to the locker room before anyone else and changed then went on Facebook. Of course I looked up Louis, I had to. I found him and couldn't stop starring at his face. And stalking his Facebook. He had pictures off his old squad and what looked like old girlfriends. I hated them I want to be his. No no I don't I love Jason! 

I looked at my hand at the two promise wring I wear. One from my parents, which is meaningless to me seeing as I'm not a virgin. I only wear it for my parents. And the other wring from Jason promising him that I'll only be his forever. It has the words together forever carved into it. He has a matching one.

I love him I really do but I feel something when I see Louis something specially. Something that's going to cause trouble.  

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