Forever With You

Brandy is THE girl at her school, caption of the cheerleading team, quarterback boyfriend, future prom queen. She's got the life. That is until a new boy (Louis) comes to her school and steals her heart away. Read my book to see what happens between them ;)
*note the book starts in the begining of Brandy's senior year*


3. Rage

I got home after Chipotle with the girls. My parents were in the kitchen, I could hear them talking, but when I walked in I saw them talking with the college cheer scout. I froze and my mom took my hand introduced me to him.

"Brandy I was very impressed by your performance today, your whole team was flawless and you were especially. I will defiantly be recommending you to collage cheer coaches."

"Wow thank you sir this is so amazing, I can't believe it!"

"Well when I see real talent I have to say something, and you have remarkable talent. You're going to do something amazing with your skill"

Of corse I started crying

"Oh sweetheart I'm so proud of you" then my mom and dad scooped my up in a giant hug

"Well I best be on my way" he stated for the door "oh and Brandy, I expect great things from you" and then he left

"I love you guys and thank you for helping me get to where I am" I hugged them once more "I'm gunna go call Bri in me room"

"We're so proud of you"




"Bri I'm so happy you have no idea!!

"Well you should be I told you you're amazing!"

"Thanks Bri. Well I'm gunna go I'm going out with Jason to celebrate"

"Have fun! Wink wink nudge nudge haha love you bi!!"

Then she hung up and I took a shower. I went in my closet and grabbed a pair of white shorts with a cute lace design on the front. I slipped those on and put on my favorite lavender push-up bra. And over that I put on a red and blue flannel. I curled my dark brown hair with my straightener for a natural curl look and did my signature smoky eyes and red lipstick.

I looked myself over in the mirror and liked what I saw. I grabbed my phone just in time to get a text from Jason saying that he's here.

"Mom! I'm going out with Jason. I'll be back around 10:00-10:30" haha definitely later but my parents never stay up later then 9:45

"Okay sweetie, be safe and tell Jason we say hi"

"Okay bye!" I put on my white converse with a red stripe down the side on, grabbed my bag and ran put the door. Jason was waiting outside in his red jaguar, yeah he's rich, and I jumped in and gave him a kiss.

"Hi sweetie"

"Hi" he started driving "you look great!"

"Thanks" I said blushing "where are we going today?"

"How's Rage sound?"

"Yeah that'd be great, I love that club"


We got to the club and the minute we walked in Jason saw aa group of his buddies 

"Babe I'm gunna go hang with them for a while, I'll be back in like a half hour"

Then he kissed me on the cheek and walked off, not even letting me tell him it was fine 

"Sure whatever I'll just find something else to do" I walked over to the bar and got a beer and looked to my left and who did I see? Yes that's right Louis! He was just sitting there all cute! He had on distressed dark wash blue jeans rolled up on the bottom, and red Vans on his feet. His shirt was red with Jim Morison's face on the front. His hair was adorable too curled and swooped and to adorable to put into words.

"Brandy?" Oh my god he noticed me :3

"Oh Louis hi! I didn't see you there!" Haha yeah I did

"May I say, you look amazing. Not that the cheerleading outfit isn't good too, but this is really something" Oh garsh

"Thank you, you don't look to shabby yourself either" 

"Well that's very kind of you. So what's your poison?"

"Excuse me?"

"What do you drink?" Just as he said that the bartender handed me a beer (Oh and for your information the clubs in my town are legally supposed to sell alcohol to underaged teens but we're there only source of income, if they didn't sell to us they wouldn't make any money) 

"Well I'll just have to get the next one"

"I guess so"

"Do you maybe wanna go outside? It's quieter out there and maybe we could actually here each other?"

I looked back a Jason and he was still with his friends "Sure that sounds great I'm just gunna go tell my ride where I am"

"Okay I'll meet you outside?"

"Yeah" I walked over to Jason and grabbed his hand

"Hey babe I'm almost done here we can dance soon"

"Actually I found a friend we're gunna go out back, so hang out with these guys as long as you want just find me when you leave"

"Kay babe thanks" 

"Sure" Then as I started to walk away

"Hey guys watch this"

Then he proceeded to slap my ass, what a joy my boyfriend is sometimes. But to please him and make him look good I turned around and blew him a kiss then kept walking


Louis's P.O.V.

I walked to the back door and turned around to look at Brandy, I wanted to see who she's with. Jason Wood that's prick. Of anyone she could date she chose him, I guess it makes sense quarterback and head cheerleader a match made in heaven. Fuckk. I want this girl, she should be mine.

"Looks like you lost you're drink"

"Oh yeah I did! I guess you can buy me one now"

"Good! Hey Tom!"

"Yes Louis?"

"Bring me two Heinekens"

"Louis your dad told us not to serve you alcohol! Do you want me to get fired?"

"Just don't tell anyone it's for me"

"Uh fine I'll put this on your tab, but just this once!"

I looked back at Brandy and she looked baffled 

"My dad owns the place.."

"Oh that makes a lot more sense! I thought maybe you and our dad just hung out here a lot!"

"Yeah No"

"So how come I've never seen you here before?"

"Only come out here on holidays and some weekends, and I don't spend all my time here, but I did work as a bar tender this summer. How come I didn't see you then?"

"I was at cheer camps all summer"

"Oh I see" 

"Yeah so you're only visiting"

"No, no this time I'm here to stay. My mom finally kicked me out and sent me here"

"Oh that's sad, why'd she do that?

"Well she has four kids and she said I was too much to deal with right now, I can come back when I'm not a rebellious teen"




About three hours later and 9.5 beers later Jason came out looking for Brandy

"Hey babe who's this?"

"Jason!! This is my friend Louis!! He's a really nice guy you two should talk after we leave. Wait that wouldn't work unless he came with us!" I didn't mean to get her drunk, it's not my fault she kept ordering more

"He's not coming with us! Back off Tomlinson this is my girl!"

"I wasn't aware she was property Jason"

"Don't get smart with me, just fuck off she doesn't need some looser in her life"

"Maybe she can make her own decisions! Now I didn't do anything tonight but keep "your" girl company while you ignored her. So if you don't want her meeting new people and actually having a life outside of you maybe you should actually talk to her when you take her out!" I didn't want to fight to fight him so I walked away while I was ahead

"Fuck You!" he shouted that while I walked away 

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