* I like it at night, when everyone is asleep. When its actually morning, but people still call it the middle of the night. I like to just walk around the house. It's peaceful. It's kind of eerie, but I like the darkness. I probably sound really creepy. It's nice to be alone, but still know there's someone in the house with you. You feel safe, not like when you're actually home alone. You don't have to answer any "What are you doing?"s and you can just… walk around. You don't have to worry about someone staring at you or judging you because it's too late at night for anyone in my house… except me… to be awake. At least I did. Before I died.* So the chapters are really short, but I'll try to update as much as possible. School is about to start back, but I can always make time for writing! Please comment and tell me what you think! There'll be a better physical description in Chapter 3!


8. Author's Note

Hey guys...

So I honestly hate making separate chapters for author's notes, but I forgot to tag this onto the end of the last chapter so....

Well anyway, it's been way too long since I've updated. High school sucks so much. And I'm at this brand new school that's on this new schedule and grading system so everything's been pretty tough. And now I'm in an opera that a college's music program is doing so I literally have no time to write. But today's my first day of winter break, so hopefully through these next two and a half weeks I'll be able to update a lot more frequently.

Well I hope you like this story, but if you don't, more power to you. Thanks for 200 views. I seriously thought I might get like fifty. And I know 200 isn't a lot, but it's pretty cool knowing so many people have seen this.

I love all my readers! Favorite, comment, like, or do whatever! I really appreciate feedback!

Te quiero mucho!


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