No Such Thing As Sound *Niall Horan*

Marie Arin Euss, or M.A.E for her initials, has been deaf for most of her life. She is usually reading, eating or on the internet. She tries to be social but a lot of people wouldn't want to talk to someone like her. She can talk, yes, but she doesn't remember how her voice sounds. Niall Horan and her bump into each other, she doesn't really hear what he says so she tries to explain, he doesn't really understand because she isn't using the regular volume to talk. So he brings her to a shop and tries to talk to her there, she still talks at the wrong volume. Niall tries to help her through the struggles she is going through, will it go great? Or will something go wrong?


3. Movie Marathon *Short Maybe*

A/N Bold hates me right now, so, I'm going to stay with Marie's POV for today c:




I checked my watch quietly while slumping down to the floor, earning a little cough of annoyance, I rolled my eyes.


I should be leaving in about 5 more hours, the clock will strike 1:00 AM as the hours are finished. Slowly, I stood up to walk towards the kitchen, Liam, I assume following.


'Where's the food?' I sign, he points towards a cupboard which I rip open the cover or whatever you call it, I threw 6 bags of chips, 1 bag for everyone as I took a whole beer kit. I led Liam back out and threw each and everyone a beer, Liam shook his head as a no thank you as he passed out everyone a bag.


'A treat for being so nice.' I signed towards Liam, he nodded, moving his lips as to say things that I cannot hear.


All of the boys' eyes landed on me and opened their mouths like they were cooing, they all pinched my cheeks and kissed my forehead causing me to scrunch my nose up.


I opened my chip bag quietly, -or so I thought- the sofa started to rumble, I assumed that they were laughing because then Harry's face was scrunched up with a weird expression that sort of looked like he was laughing.


There was a bunch of little crumbs in my hair and the air around me started to smell of oil and there were a bunch of chips laying on my lap.


"Well what a kind bag of delicious luxury." I mumble, did you forget that I can talk? I guess I don't speak in a normal way, maybe that's why the boys can't hear me.


I ate my chips in piece as I watched a man bash a woman's throat, they look Japanese. "OH! THIS IS THE GRUDGE!" I shout while jumping up and pointing at the television, Harry and Louis pushing me down right afterwards.


'Kayako is really pretty.' I signed at Liam, he nodded, he jumped as the man drowned the poor kid and the little cat.


I frowned, that's a rude man. Just saying...




We had a Ju-On Grudge marathon, by the end of the 8th movie all of the boys were cuddling up to me. I shook them off as I went to steal Zayn's bag of chips.


I ate the potato slices as we went to watch The Conjuring.


It's actually quite the jumpscare, based on reality, too bad Mr. is dead and couldn't meet the actors, I feel bad for Mrs..


'That doll is scary.' Liam motioned at me, 'Yeah, but Elizabeth or whatever the doll's name looks more innocent in real life.' I replied, I took my phone out and typed in the doll's name, I went to images and showed the picture to everyone.


They made a weird face and went to put in one more movie, The Ring, okay, fuck no, I am NOT watching that.


I screamed and shoved Harry's back and sat behind him, hiding my head.


'You okay?' Harry wrote down on a small white board. I shook my head and held his sweater tight. Liam walked towards the door, showing my shivering mum.


I jumped up and quickly took my coat and shoes on, I jumped on my mum's back.


"LET'S GO MOMMA HORSIE." I tapped her bum making her jump, she threw me into the back of her truck where the window was open.


She walked into the driver's seat and drove back to our flat safely.


That was a good movie marathon, right? I hope so.













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