No Such Thing As Sound *Niall Horan*

Marie Arin Euss, or M.A.E for her initials, has been deaf for most of her life. She is usually reading, eating or on the internet. She tries to be social but a lot of people wouldn't want to talk to someone like her. She can talk, yes, but she doesn't remember how her voice sounds. Niall Horan and her bump into each other, she doesn't really hear what he says so she tries to explain, he doesn't really understand because she isn't using the regular volume to talk. So he brings her to a shop and tries to talk to her there, she still talks at the wrong volume. Niall tries to help her through the struggles she is going through, will it go great? Or will something go wrong?


2. Hang Out!

A/N HELLOOOO SO, this chapter will be based on the next day after they meet, understood? Great. This might be short, sorry. :c Continue reading! <3




Narrator's POV


Marie had fallen into a puddle as she had walked to Niall's house. She frowned as she stood up and stumbled by the dirt that was keeping her from moving.


She took her shoes off and kept on walking without them. Looking at the address typed into her phone, she knocked on a door, looking around.


"Hello?" a boy with curly hair opened the door, making Marie jump and fall off of the steps. "Oof." she grunted, the boy pulled her up and tried talking to her, making Marie confused as well.


Marie pointed to her ears and shook her head, at least he knew what she meant. He nodded and pulled her into the flat. "Wow..." Marie looked around the big flat and scurried along the marble floor to look at photos and materials.


She turned around to be met with five boys, Niall, the curly boy, and three others who she did not meet yet. She saw a boy who looked genuinely smart so she tried to use sign language.


"Oh! So your name is Marie and you're deaf, okay." the boy -who had a birthmark- nodded. 'Niall didn't tell you guys?' the sign gestures made the boy a little confused but he recovered.


"No, he didn't." he used the similar gestures, "Okay." she mumbled, not knowing that she wasn't using her proper volume.


Marie walked towards a white erase board and sat in front of it. "Hello! My name is Marie Arin Euss, I met Niall yesterday and I am deaf, I am sorry if I had confused you." she wrote. "Hello, Marie! My name is Liam, you know Niall already, I see you've met Harry, the curly one, Louis is the one with floppy hair and Zayn is the smoulder guy." Liam wrote down.


Harry's POV 'Cause I got no idea how to work the narrator anymore.


"She's pretty." I whispered in Niall's ear, Niall nods and grins widely. "Hi, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn!" she wrote down and looked back at us with her eyes literally sparking and lighting up.


"Hello!" we greeted and waved, she smiled and dove onto our sofa.


"She's different, definitely different." Zayn says quietly as she hugged a pillow and admired our glass table. I cocked my eyebrow up, "No really, Zayn." Louis said in a sarcastic tone as he plopped down beside her and threw his arm around her shoulder in a friendly way.


"How long will she be hanging out here?" I asked Niall, "I guess when someone texts her or picks her up." he shrugged and sat at the other side of Marie as Zayn and Liam sat on the arms of the sofa as I sat between Marie's legs after I turned the TV on.


"So we're just going to watch TV for the rest of the day?" Marie whispered, I nodded my head. "Don't move your head too much." she huffed and moved my head forwards a bit.


I chuckled and put her hands in my mop of curls. Absentmindedly she scratched my scalp, making me groan.


Marie's POV


I was absentmindedly scratching Harry's scalp, not hearing anything and just admiring the moving cartoon figures moving around on the screen.


When I moved my head a bit to the side, everyone was looking at me. My eyes widened in surprise and removed my hands away from Harry's mop of curls.


'Something wrong?' I used sign, Liam shook his head, making everyone shake their heads as well. I shrugged and put my hands back in Harry's hair.


Bouncing and pulling it every once and a while.


Soon enough, I was being pulled off of my spot and onto someone's lap. I pouted and crossed my arms.


Harry's POV


I whined when Louis pulled her away and onto Niall's lap. She pouted with a small whine and crossed her arms.


She's so cute, just like a little cute child.


Niall glared at me and held her tight like she was going to disappear.


I raised my hands up in defense and gazed back at the television.


"So, how'd you meet her, Niall?" I question, secretly taking a handful of popcorn from his side.


He explained everything to us, making us 'oooh'.


"She's awfully adorable, Niall." I agreed with Louis, Zayn and Liam agreeing a couple of seconds afterwards.


"I know." he smiled and sighed dreamily.


I huffed quietly and watched the television again.


Well Niall is going to get hooked up sometime, and not me. That isn't fair, is it?








TOLD YOU IT WAS SHORT! SORRY, I REALLY AM. I just have an amazing story idea and I don't want to forget it! Bye! xoxo stay strong and beautiful









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