No Such Thing As Sound *Niall Horan*

Marie Arin Euss, or M.A.E for her initials, has been deaf for most of her life. She is usually reading, eating or on the internet. She tries to be social but a lot of people wouldn't want to talk to someone like her. She can talk, yes, but she doesn't remember how her voice sounds. Niall Horan and her bump into each other, she doesn't really hear what he says so she tries to explain, he doesn't really understand because she isn't using the regular volume to talk. So he brings her to a shop and tries to talk to her there, she still talks at the wrong volume. Niall tries to help her through the struggles she is going through, will it go great? Or will something go wrong?


1. A Little Incident *Read A/N*


A/N HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I would like to thank, Stephi for requesting Niall to be the lovey dovey boy! No, this is not a story based on my life, it is a fiction character, okay? Kay. <3 xoxo stay strong and beautiful! PS: The girl above is who the character is and what she is wearing right now. This might be a short chapter too--LIKE, REALLY REALLY SHORT..... c:





Narrator's POV


Marie drummed on her knee as she read a book, she hummed quietly, not hearing her own angelic voice.


She stood up when someone tapped her shoulder, she then grabbed the coffee she had successfully ordered and walked out of the shop while not looking at where she was going.


Her coffee spilled on her coat as she landed on her bum.


"Oh my, I'm so sorry!" a man with blonde hair and brunette roots says as he picked her up. Not hearing what he said, she kept her mouth shut and looked down.


"Hello?" the boy waved his hand in front of her face, making her look up to him.


"Hi." he waved, she waved back as she understood the gesture. "You see, I am so sorry about spilling your coffee and I'm sorry I pushed you down." the boy rambled, he stopped his sentence and looked at Marie.


Marie had a confused expression on her face as she did not read his lips quick enough, she sighed and rubbed her eyes.


"What? Is there something on my face?" the boy asked while touching his face.


Marie tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow up.


Then she finally got it, he didn't get the fact that she was deaf, so as the boy was still touching his face she tapped his shoulder, making him put his arms to his side and look at her closely.


"I can't hear you..." she says quietly, that it was barely audible.


"What?" she read his lips perfectly and thought why he couldn't hear her, she thought she was talking at normal volume?


"I can't hear you." she looked up and pointed at her ears. The lad couldn't hear her again and he didn't understand why she was pointing at her ears.


He grabbed her hand and pull her into the shop she was at before. He sat her down as she tripped over nothing. "Okay," he said slowly, "Why won't you talk to me?" she read his lips once again, and since there was no use of talking, she wrote it down.


'I am deaf, by the way, my name is Marie Arin Euss.' the note said, "OOOOOOH." the boy said loudly. He took the pen from her hand and took a napkin to write on it.


'My name is Niall James Horan. I am a popstar and I would love to hang out with you so more! Please contact me if you want to hang out. xxx-xxx-xxxx' he wrote his sentence and wrote his number at the bottom.


"O-okay, Niall." Marie was astonished that a famous person was talking to her.


"Okay, Marie. I have to go now! Bye!" he said slowly, Niall stood up and walked out of the shop. Marie kept the little note in the pocket of her little dress.


She stood up happily and walked out of the shop and gave an old man an a affectionate hug. She tried to use her might to whisper in the man's ear. "You deserved a hug." she grinned as the man laughed and pulled away.


She walked out of the shop and headed towards her mum's house.



She twirled around in the lounge room and laughed as she realized that there actually is someone different that can change a person's mood in a split second.


Marie danced with her mum who was standing in front of the TV with one hand on her hip. "Mummy, I met someone very kind today." Marie used sign language, since her mum knew and understood the gestures.


"Congratulations!" her mum replied and gave her a clean and silky dress as the coffee that stained her coat went through the thin fabric and onto her dress.


Marie changed into it and threw it at the laundry basket in the corner.


She sighed happily and watched whatever was on, on the TV






A/N Told you it was short!! EH EH EH?! Did you like it? Please give me some feedback as I go one the story! Thank you! xoxo stay strong and beautiful!






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