God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


1. We're free

Nikki's POV

"Alright passengers. Please make sure you are buckled so we can land," the flight assistant announced over the intercom. 

I turned to Alex sitting in the seat next to me. 

"Can you believe we're actually in Europe?" I almost squealed. 

"No, Nik, I really can't but it's better than being at home." She replied with a little bit of emotion. 

"Hey. We're here to have fun and get away from our parents... Even if they don't quite know we're gone." I mumbled. 

"Yeah well they'll see our notes when they get back from their cruise on Tuesday." She quipped. 

"God I hope we don't get in trouble." I said with a nervous tone. 

"Like you said, we're here to have fun, not to worry about anything back in America. We're gonna go see the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben and all the other exciting things here in Europe. Just relax and stop always being the goody two shoes." Alex said jokingly. 

I punched her slightly in the arm and we laughed as we descended into Europe.  

Alex's POV

As I walked through the gate and into the airport. 

Nikki was right at my side. "Wow! There's so many people here. We better stick together." 

I just laughed. "Nik. That's why we have cell phones." I held mine up for emphasis. "I'm going to go get my luggage."

Nikki sighed. "Well I have to use the bathroom. Find mine for me.? Pleaseee?" She said with puppy dog eyes. 

"Fine. Meet me outside when you're done. I'll have our luggage." 

I started walking over to the luggage carousel when somebody ran into me. 

"Hey! What where you're going." I said slightly pissed after a long flight. 

The guy that I ran into was tall, had brown, curly hair and an amazing smile. "Sorry, love. I didn't see you there.! I'm so sorry." 

"Yeah well, just be careful next time." I walked off to get my luggage. 

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