God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


29. "Surprise"

Alex's POV:

Nikki left me with Harry and Niall. I knew what she was planning and even though I didn't want any part of it I decided to let her have her fun. I looked around and walked to the end of the pier. I sat down and put my feet in the water.
"Is this all you want to do birthday girl?" Harry asked.
"Don't call me that." I snipped.
"But it is your birthday..." Niall mumbled.
"It's just another day if you ask me." I said laying back I felt my head land on his lap. 
"A birthday should never feel like just another day." Harry said.
"Yeah it's the day we were gifted with the birth of you." Niall smiled down at me.
My birthday just reminded me that I had a father who abandoned me and a mother who never wanted me. She wasn't shy to let me know that I wasn't wanted either. I sighed and sat up. Niall picked me up and carried me to the park which wasn't that far away. He tripped over a tree branch which caused us both to fall. He made sure that my head didn't hit the ground though. We sat up and I noticed his arm was scrapped up. 
"Oh my god." I said looking at his arm. "I'll be right back." 
I ran to the nearest convenient store to grab some first aid things. After I paid for it I ran back to Niall. He let out some girly groans as I cleaned it off. Then I wrapped it up. Harry sat on the swing looking off in the distance. I looked in the direction he was staring and realized there were couples that was. I felt bad for him. Niall looked down at his phone then up at me.
"Lets go back to your house." He smiled.
Great the party is about to start. I walked over to Harry and poked him. He looked up at me and smiled. 
"You coming?" I asked.
"Of course." He said getting up off the swing.
We walked back to the house. Half way there Niall picked me up and carried me on his back. I noticed a lot of cars in front of our house. Great. We walked inside and at first it was dark and no one was there. Then Harry turned the lights on.
"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled jumping up out of their hiding spots. I plastered a fake smile on my face. I knew it'd pass. 

Halfway through the party I snuck away to my bedroom. I sat down on the floor by my bed and sighed. Then I heard a faint soft meow. I looked up and over and noticed two little kittens on my bed. I turned and put my arms on my bed. The stripped one walked right over to my hand and pushed it's small head against it. I smiled as it started purring. The other sat back and stared at me. I reached over and started petting it. I noticed the stripped one was a boy and the black one was a girl. I heard my door open and I almost screamed because it startled me. I looked over and noticed it was Louis. He shut the door and walked over to me. 
"Did Nik get these for me?" I asked petting the kittens.
"The stripped on is yours. She's keeping the other." He smiled as the stripped over walked over to him.
"What's their names?" 
"This one is Tricky. That one is Feather." He sat down next to me but with his back against the bed. Tricky went back over to Feather and they curled up then fell asleep. I turned around so my back would be against the bed again. We stared out my window door at the night sky. 
"Why aren't you down there enjoying your party?" He asked.
"I don't like parties. Specially since I don't know half of them." I said looking at him. "I mean I know Nikki put a lot of work into it but I just..." 
"I understand." He looked at me and smiled. 
After awhile I went back down and almost everyone was gone. Soon it was only the boys and us. This is how I like it. I grabbed some pizza and sat down on the couch. Niall sat in front of me and opened up his mouth. I laughed and fed him some. 
"Did you see the kitties?" Nikki said on the floor in front of me.
"Yeah I did." I laughed.
"Well birth-" Harry began but I shot him a glare and he stopped. "Just open the presents we got you." 
I smiled and opened the first gift. It was from Liam. The note attached said "Happy Birthday Lex, hope you like this x"

My eyes lite up when I saw stitch. I smiled and gave Liam a tight hug then kissed his cheek. 
"Thank you Liam!" I smiled.
"You're welcome Lex." He smiled.
I grabbed the next gift which was from Harry. The note attached said "Happy birthday Alex."

I squealed from happiness. I jumped on Harry hugging him very tightly. This was an awesome gift. I sat back down still beaming from the happiness.
"Thank you so much Harry!" I said.
"You're welcome." He said.
The next gift was from Zayn. I opened it not expecting a lot because I know he only cared about Nikki. 

I smiled at the bracelets. I turned to him about to thank him but noticed he wasn't even around. Neither was Nikki. Gee thanks guys. I opened the next gift which was from Niall. It had a big note attached to it.
"Don't read it until you're alone." He smiled at me.
I nodded and opened the little box.

"Oh my gosh! Niall this is so cute! I love it! Thank you so much!" I kissed his cheek. I noticed Louis wasn't down here so I walked back up to my bedroom. I opened the door and he stood there trying to hide something. I smiled and pushed him away. On my bed besides the cute little kittens sat the cutest thing ever.

I slapped my hand over my mouth. She was so cute. I wrapped my arms around Louis hugging him tightly. He hugged me back then let me go. 
"I think I'm gonna name her Hershey." I smiled at Louis.

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